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  1. Yiu

    Tribe without giving all my stuff

    Most would just backstab and betray you. I wouldn't trust any of these bobs
  2. Yiu

    Structures plus added to base game

    Foundation stacking would be to broken, they removed that once already. Glad they did
  3. Yiu

    Imprinting and new kibble?

    Interesting, it never happened with my friend. I guess it's complete luck
  4. Yiu

    The Dino you hate most ?

    Something similar happened to me... Had to wait forever until my armor broke and died, before i could respawn
  5. Yiu

    can you mate cloned dinos?

    Yeah, it's a lot better to just clone then breed. So much faster
  6. Yiu

    Imprinting and new kibble?

    It might be random. But a friend of mines didn't get any of the higher tier kibble during imprinting phase
  7. This is actually kind of hilarious, have no idea how that happened but lol
  8. Would love to see wyverns and giga tek saddles
  9. Of all dinos in the game.. they choose snakes... This isn't really going to reduce the dino count
  10. Yiu

    Wyvern disappeared

    I once that happened to me a long time ago. Found it under my base after destroying couple of floor
  11. Great way to reduce kibble dinos... our server been capped for so long now
  12. First ever death was from a random turtle... was dying from hunger and thought i could kill one lol