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  1. I made a glass pen for the flyers , at the back i created this glass and stone observatory lounge , jutting out over the cliff edge , it is open ended for sniping or knockouts or taming . or just for hanging out with buddies in :)
  2. I am currently building a massive bridge alone lol from rock island area across to the red wood area where i want my new base ! it is like a giant road , a few more days yet until im finished with it! this seems like hard work- then i look at yours and mine seems pathetic now ! it must have taken a lot of time to do that !
  3. I have a Ps4 pro , nitrado server , i will do this, thank you so much for letting me know !
  4. my server is still running winter wonderland too how do i deactivate it ? ive looked to see if i can do that and cant see how ?
  5. That pest seagull that steals everything and makes you drop your weapon etc lol
  6. The pego and ichthyosaurs both I hunt and kill before clearing that area farming ! The ichthyosaurs I think I hate the most of all ! But I’m a pro at taking them down in one clean shot now !
  7. A turtle egg was in my base yard on the ground , i picked it up ! as u do.. turtle wasnt about .. so i thought ??!!.. next thing the turtle whom the egg belonged to started kicking my ass!! came out of nowhere !! had to kill it ! i didnt realise the wild dino got bent out of shape for us taking there eggs - it was abandoned - after all!
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