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  1. A couple vids later he did use 12 of them to do both alpha's, probably should have watched on first .. the alpha broodmother done up to 65k damage to some of them (i know they have extra rates and stats). As i said never played aberration, but interested me as a concept and wondered if there was any other Dinos from DLCs which would be viable. Made for an interesting conversation at least ?
  2. Thats the whole point though. with 80% reduction against these bosses you dont need 19 of them. My cluster is currently only Extinction and Island, but I'm thinking Aberration may have to be the next map I add/ Swap in. Interesting concept i think anyway.
  3. ? fair enough. I know Rex's are one of the best ones to use for all the Island bosses, but i was just quite shocked that something that would take 10+ Rex's would be achievable with as little as 1+ reaper(s).
  4. Oh, sorry I'm not sure of exact figures. I just tame what I can find and keep the best ones. I've only ever found 1, 150 Anky and I think that's the one i left out while i took my argi back to unload and it got killed ?
  5. I'm guessing you may want these for farming? if so I would say Mele and Weight.
  6. Well let us know when you've used Raptors to achieve that then ? I've only done it on my own server, but only gather and breeding rates are boosted, no change from official stat values.
  7. Yeah I realize they have multipliers so it wouldn't be quite as easy as that, but even 2/3 with a yuty with official stats, I assume would take down Gamma's. I've not played Aberration myself yet. was curious if it was actually still a thing. @Viperscopic I've yet to defeat the Alpha mother with Megatherium's or Theriz. What level are your Raptors?
  8. The Wiki says: "Custom Consumables may be used by tamed dinos. This appears to only grant the Stamina effect of the consumable." Does this not work anymore? This would actually be quite helpful.
  9. I've just watched a video where they used a single Reaper king (Really high level) to kill a gamma broodmother due to the fact they take soo little damage, is this still something which can be achieved? I cant think of another dino even from Extinction which would be able to do this.
  10. I actually never knew this even existed, might have to give this a try. Thanks!
  11. No I am getting white and green dino's, and still getting raptor claws. not yet got any valentines choc or candy though ?
  12. For travel I will almost exclusively use my Managarmr. Usually for killing and harvesting meat too. is there anything which really compares to its speed? I currently only run Island and Extinction in my cluster, would it be worth me switching one over to get a Wyvern or Griffin?
  13. Glad to know I am not alone, anyone know of a fix for this? or are we just waiting for someone at Nitrado to realise and fix it? from what I understand (which may be little and incorrect) the events are controlled by a startup argument, we we cant control.
  14. The event ended a while ago for official. Mine never ended either I had to disable events. but now i want the valentines event and the Christmas one is back again. Are you guys using Nitrado servers too by any chance?
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