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  1. yeah i dont really understand why its so hard to do your only job as a gm. they wont ban cheaters and they wont replace items which were lost due to known bugs. makes you wonder why they even exist when they dont actually do anything
  2. Get rid of the meteors on genesis These things are bullpoop. Showing up during missions and one shotting you. if they dont one shot you, your giga gets enraged in one hit. Not sure why these actually got added because they don't provide any meaningful challenge, they just insta kill you and theres nothing you can do. They also love to interrupt missions and make an already tedious and repetitive mechanic take even more time.
  3. Building in pink zone Is there anywhere in pink zone (excluding the ramp down to the drake trench) where you can build and not have to worry about radiation? I coulda sworn I've seen a spot on cliff plats that doesn't have any
  4. Fix the "there is already a player with this account connected" This bug is annoying. Every time I have this glitch after a crash, it takes about 10 minutes to go away. It's as if you guys know that the crashes arent killing my tames, so you give it another 10 minutes to do so
  5. "no sessions found" Im playing on an unofficial cluster server and I'm having an issue when I open the transfer server menu. It says no sessions found. On the server browser in the main menu, I can find every server no problem. A couple other people on this server have had this issue before and usually it takes a day or so to go away. Is there any way to fix it quicker? I have verified integrity of game files, relaunched, tried making a character on another map and transferring. Please do not tell me to do this.
  6. it doesn't happen to all colours, for example, wyvernblue0 turned into white, specifically colour #18, but wyvernblue1 stayed. Lost magenta on a theri and a green on a theri. I don't know how this gets added, maybe wildcard doesn't play enough to get two opposite gendered dinos? Clearly nobody experienced actually play tested this since almost every dino thats been semi bread will have a colour mutation.
  7. Toxic biome isn't special With the countdown, there is also "previews" of biomes, but the one that looks the most unique is the "toxic" biome. Now some people will tell you that ark doesn't have one of them, and they are wrong. Ark has a toxic biome called official, so a toxic biome is nothing new or special.
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