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  1. Toxic biome isn't special With the countdown, there is also "previews" of biomes, but the one that looks the most unique is the "toxic" biome. Now some people will tell you that ark doesn't have one of them, and they are wrong. Ark has a toxic biome called official, so a toxic biome is nothing new or special.
  2. Timer Update Decoded! I have decoded almost all of the code on the timer, however the really big piece of it is too low resolution and too distorted for me to decode, but im sure it will be decoded. Theres some interesting stuff here and I'd love to hear your theories. This one says "AP Secure Connection" (the really jambled one says this aswell) This one says "decrypting incoming datastream" this is the big one i was talking about, all i managed to get was "Verify UIL (???) (???)" This one says "command elevation request granted" This one says "command received: syscheck" And finally, this one says "Processing..." That's what most of the code says, every line is in here. The code itself is quite simple but the resolution and distortion make decoding it an absolute nightmare. Wearing a tek helmet in game reveals what the code in extinction says, if you wanna have some fun with that.
  3. well my friend found it in like 2 minute someone kited it very far away and high in the air
  4. I was raising a lightning wyvern. I hatched it then left it overning. Im on a server where the rates allow it to survive through the full raising process without milk, I dont like it, but I like this server. I logged on this morning to check on it and it wasn't there. Still haven't found it, but it hasnt died, at least according to my tribe log. Im thinking someone kited it away or it fell through the mesh. Wandering was off and it was not following me. Can they just fall through the map? I raised it on one of the shelfs over the water in viking bay, but its nowhere to be found.
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