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  1. we shall see i did say @ start of this thread that gm response will be 1 week then book appointment an hope its sooner than 2 month like last time this is whay most ppl are mad and ime so sad ime TBH discussed with how thir dealing with it
  2. been 6 days now an no reply to my tikets ..... but 1 of my tribe has had reply he now need to scedural an appointment .....lol 1 week to reply now 2 month for gm visit just like last time i needed gm help ime so sad right now tiket number is 1150841
  3. normaley ya ide do just that but with how i feall atm i dont even wana look at ark.... i might as well go fukabout on a nother game for the time hope thay give a good fix as thir no pont to playing ark if we guna get kiked in balls like this
  4. you dont get it if its not proper fixed not just reimburse for what was lost well 105 toon endgrams and imprints is just not enoith now we lost a full weekend of farming ....... if i dont get my toon back asap ime fuking dun with this poop as is 90% of what was left of the 10.000 ppl that was playing be luckey if its 1.000 ppl left playing after this
  5. min was kiled by roal back my server had like 9488 days befor patch an after it was 9100 an @ that point i bleave i was on abberation so ya mine is lost like so meney others... a bit of down time for alllservers for 4 days till thay figerd out what was rong an all could of been fixed ezy ide not mind but to loos all and other cluser players ...ark was on deaths door befor this now i fear it might be the end i did just try to do the transfer to another server and comeback would fix it ....well that did not work for me
  6. my toon had not moved in 4 days i log to feed dinos an such an i get all this bull poop an ya still no reply nerley 3 days now
  7. 28h an counting an still no fix for me sent tikets in first houer but no reply RIP ARK
  9. if thats what thay guna offer ill retern my game key 6450h ingame spent 3yers on same pvp cros ark insided once got GM help to transfer ownership ...that took 2 months to arrange now this no toon gone my imprints gone i might aswell quit playing an get on with real life work an forget about ark life
  10. would not mind if i had been transfering befor hand then i could under stand but 4h roal back what dont make sence as i was last on a nother map neley 4 rl days ago but abbration dont seem to have roal back no time lost thir onley regnarock
  11. ime just lost for words not onley do i loose my 130 toon i was owner of my tribe i had alot of tames now i feall all is lost .... an by time ime able to log in ill ither have to gass no cables an probable a raided bace to boot good job wild you just fuked my night of and 90% of what if left playing ark good job indeed
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