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  1. luke8915

    pvp Ragnarok Raid

    wat server lol
  2. luke8915

    are manas still way too op

    we fight agwinst them everyday some times we win sometimes we lost which doesnt bother me i just breed more but they just ruin the whole aspect of actual pvp
  3. luke8915

    are manas still way too op

    maybe restrict them to just being on extinction aswell
  4. luke8915

    are manas still way too op

    yh we have op rex giga theri yuty but cant get out to fight bk its annoying there isnt any real pvp anymore which was the reason i paid for ark
  5. luke8915

    are manas still way too op

    yh we have good breed line on manas the freeze is not too bad its the dismount aswell lol
  6. luke8915

    are manas still way too op

    they are a game changer for sure, but not in a good way lol
  7. spent so long breeding gigas and rexs for pvp but they are kind of useless against manas.
  8. hello anyone know if we will be getting a breeding/maturity/colour event for valentines day again this year.
  9. luke8915

    Info for big tribes Ps4 Official

    sc server big enough
  10. that actually makes sense didn't think of that.
  11. ok thank you for your advice.
  12. what does our hard earned money get spent on # atlas ark community made wildcard successful then they turn their back on us. we need sever protection (ddos and forced roll backs). love the game but its so broken.
  13. are the official servers for ps4 extinction opening today aswell?
  14. either try solo play or maybe join a server that has been abandoned worked for me.