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  1. Patience is a virtue, I think everything will be updated later on.
  2. someone host it please I would gift host 100 metal foundation. I might as well bring a friend and make it 200 metal foundation.,,, anybody ?
  3. It's cheaper to clone a giga than raise one, time/currency value. getting gacha and feed it stone to get element will save you the trouble of hand feeding the giga and imprint on it and keeping your troughs full forever until it's totally grown. I like raising them tho lol, I love breeding dinos
  4. Need seat to Alpha Rockwell Official_EU_PVE Hello, I was wondering if there a specific place to ask for a seat for Alpha Rockwell on Official_EU_PVE I asked on aberration forums before. with no luck.. I need this boss to craft some tek items. any advice or suggestion would be much appreciate it.
  5. LemonDjangovich


    You can take it in a pod tho right?
  6. Need Alpha Rockwell EU_PVE Hi, I need a seat to Alpha Rockwell, a ride from portal to boss to transmitter as well. on Offical_EU_PVE if this is not the appropriate forum to write in, or if there is a type of active group or discord for that please tell as well. thanks
  7. Greetings, So I have suffered from infinte unstoppable game freezs and crashes. I tried to find what was the reason, and found out that a full disk was one of the causes, and strangley something assosiated with “Push to talk” button !! So appearntly at some times when the disk is full at task manager and sound card collides they cause game to freeze or crash. in addition I had loads of missing drivers which I was able to find the necessary apps for them. Here is what I have done to not only fix crashing problem with ark, but with many other games I have, - I formated my pc and kept absolutely nothing. A fresh start after 3 years of merciless usage. My pc became smooth as cream, faster than light. And for the first time in very long time I felt I have new machine. - I downloaded only the necessary programs, absolutely no more garbage. - I downloaded all the necessary drivers. Even for mouse and keyboard. - Downlaoded the game and updated it with no addones nor mods. - And I have enjoyed the game with absolutely no problems for couple of days now. No freezes no lags, no problems. I advice all those who had similar problems to try to refresh their machine. That helped me a lot. And I feel relaxed and courageous to fly to the wyvren nest and steal as much eggs as I can not fearing sudden crash where I lose my stuff.
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