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  1. Average time of Wildcard solving a ticket is between 7 days and a year. So yeah... good luck, bro. They don't give a *beep*.
  2. Pachyrhino can also be equipped with multi-person saddle and it weighs 200 units. Roll rat - able to carry three people. Drag weight: 245. Tapejara - another three-seater. Drag weight: 149. Why Galli then? That's just inconsistent. That's why I'm so angry. WC seems to do just random stuff to pretend they're doing something. Good, bad, whatevs. Still something.
  3. As far as I know, Gallimimus can't grab players like Proco (pouch) or Kapro / Megalo (jaws). If it really is related to meshing, then it's another detour to not fix it properly by Wildcard... Another great example? Chairs. Man, chairs are totally helping with meshing! So instead of trying to fix it, WC just removed chairs from the game. Climbing picks? Oh boy, people use them to go undermesh! Let's just instantly kill all players that unwittingly found a hole in the texture. Easy, right? If you can raid people from undermesh by carrying kangaroo with quetz, just make kangaroo heavier than mammoth. Poof! Problem solved!
  4. Could you explain what kind of relationship lays between meshing and drastically increasing drag weight of four in-game creatures?
  5. Why the heck did you change a drag weight of some dinos, Wildcard?? So now Procoptodon (basically, a large kangaroo) weighs 410 instead of 110 units. So in your mind, a kangaroo is heavier than trike (300), rhino (375) and even a mammoth (400)?! Same thing with Kaprosuchus... Now it weighs 410 units as well (changed from 120), so in your world it is twice as heavy as much bigger Sarco?? Jeez, what was the point?!
  6. Did you try to wipe all wild dinos after the update?
  7. I wonder if anyone from admin/modding team ever response to this. Probably not, because WC doesn't seem to care about long-playing people, long-lasting and game-breaking bugs, but just to entertain new kids with fancy colored dinos (and their problems such not having Genesis announced on Switch). Sad.
  8. Wow! Two new emotes cooked with shocking 100 prime jerky, same childish, old candy with new wrapping, two recolored skins (Murican top hat & default underwear with new textures - amazing), three already-existing skins (torch, signal pistol and rocket launcher) and probably tons of new bugs and glitches. 250 MB of another crap to be downloaded. Yeah, definitely "all you need to have summer fun". Enough, Wildcard.
  9. Are you going to fix massive rubberbanding on official and unofficial servers? I had a short adventure once again on official server (Classic PVP, The Island), but it was irritating because of lags and rubberbanding every few minutes (teleporting twenty meters back each time a huge lag appeared). Not even mention the new growing trend of some tribes - infecting every player with swamp fever. I felt like the only healthy person there... So I decided to come back to my private server (which was lagging during this stupid Eggcellent event). I moved from The Center to The Island. And it was running perfectly smoothly. Until today. I assume it started to lag again because of your "fixes" and re-enabling decay timers? Come on, do actually something GOOD with your own game, ffs!
  10. Very mature respond. Don't have anything useful to say? Keep your fingers away from keyboard, kiddo.
  11. How about fixing server performance FOR REAL this time? Optimization does not exist in ARK since the beginning, but after the Homestead update, this game is annoying as hell. I previously play on Lagnarok and I had to move to another map because of lags and fatal errors. Then I moved to The Center and it was much better, which is understandable - this map is way smaller and little less complex (more water instead of landmass). I was glad then. But Wildcard decided to screw things up a bit and released a sloppy copy of Structures Plus called "Homestead". And FPS on my server dropped dramatically. But hey, after some time WC released another useless update with ugly dinos and pathetic skins, which ruined S+ Wood Railings and lowered server performance even more. Now I have to deal with textureless S+ railings, because those made by Wildcard look MUCH worse. Not to mention random and often FPS drops together with rubberbanding and being reversed thirty meters while running from Rex, basically teleported just under his nose. I barely survived East Lava Cave on no-tame The Center because of lags. I had to prepare three times more grappling hooks in case of being teleported down while trying to jump onto the cliff. What happened to Raptors as well? They're now slower than sprinting human? Did you screwed something during Managarmr nerfing process? I wouldn't be surprised, as you managed to destroy all vaults and characters while trying to release a "fix" few weeks ago. I don't know how you do it and how messy is your game code, but I'm considering leaving ARK after almost 2,000 hours played because of your bungling. This is nearly unplayable and because you lack of priorities, it's getting worse with every update. People are waiting for weeks for their chars being restored, but you are focused on Marshmallow Dino Hat being unable to make in the cooking pot. Well done... I don't even hope that you fix your game one day - it's no longer possible to save. ARK 2? Maybe when created from scratch... and by completely separate studio, because Wildcard is incompetent enough to maintain its own game. Sad. I'm glad that I bought ARK when it was in an early beta and cheap. Now it is still in beta and is expensive in addition. You won't smell any of my money anymore, Wildcard. I hope you are not preparing another "fix" for a fix of a fix for previous fix, because I'm scared that one day my whole house on The Center will collapse because of your improvements. No regards.
  12. So why are you commenting about "small things that WC messed up" when you play ARK on your phone? Destroyed vaults, lost characters... but no, those are "small things" and the most important issue is to get this pathetic event on mobiles. About these screwed S+ Wood Railings - I could replace them with ARK Homestead Wood Railings, but they are so ugly... I can't get it that one guy who was responsible for Structures+ mod has done better job with vanilla structures than Wildcard themselves! That's a shame for WC. They can't even create something pretty from their own bricks. And now I have to rebuild part of my house to replace S+ Railings, but I suppose it's only a tip of an iceberg... I'm scared of next "patches" and "fixes"... Basically, I'm prepared to my house being totally demolished with next update.
  13. Read my post few pages earlier. This whole update is not necessary in a moment like that - peoples' vaults have been destroyed, characters are lost, dinos are starving, tickets are being ignored and what Wildcard does? Release a "patch" with ugly-colored dinos, eggs and skins, which is full of new bugs and basically people can't even "enjoy" it, because are still waiting for their chars to be restored. Sorry, man, but I know a little bit about programming and coding, because I'm creating my own game, and I can't understand the mess in ARK's code. Where are unit tests? Why releasing one "fix" is always related to new glitches? I can imagine millions lines of a code which is so messed that it's not hard to break something. Hey, players, grab some egg-hats for your dinos! Oh, wait, we screwed something with S+ Wooden Railings... Sheeeiiit, not again... They've tried to "improve servers' performance" as well few patches ago, when Homestead was released. And what happened? FPS dropped, rubberbanding, lags, random fatal errors, even when you try to move tons of item from your inventory using "T" key, you must now wait, because it's lagging... That's unacceptable. This game is unstable enough without WC trying to "fix server performance", really... I hope you understand my point now. Wildcard has no priorities. Lost characters and destroyed precious vaults? Wait a sec, our Eggcellent patch is almost ready! Come on... And again, a question of optimization. Such thing with few bug fixes (and lots new glitches), some skins and Bunny Dodos is literally 700 Mbs to download. Really? My whole ARK folder is almost 180 Gbs now, and I have only two maps (The Center, Ragnarok) if not counting vanilla Island. And now another seven hundreds megabytes for some skins and easter eggs?? Oh boi... This game is dying, unfortunately. I've spent 1,800+ hours in ARK and I've had enough of Wildcard's incompetence and lack of priorities. They choked with money and are showing us a middle finger right now. "Thanks for your money, enjoy amazing Eggcellent Adventure with your lvl 1 character, because... well... your maxed avatar is lost now. Sorry! Your WC team." Enough.
  14. The same for me. Now I wonder how long we will wait for WC fixing it... I bet WEEKS. What a bunch of incompetent morons... no, really, ARK's code must be so messed that when they try to add stupid colored dinos and skins, they ruin some S+ items... WTH??!
  15. 700 Mbs of trash forced to download again... What did you say...? Demolished vaults? Laggy servers? Fatal errors? LOST CHARACTERS? Shut up and take our totally ugly pink-yellow dinos and bunch of useless eggs and skins! And better enjoy it or we'll ignore your ticket! Actually... we will anyways. Awesome work, WC, as always. Good to know you have some priorities in life.
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