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  1. idk if im being dumb but can we craft repis in fabricators now - Can now craft the TEK Replicator (TEK Replicator has been removed from Loot Crates in Genesis)
  2. when i saw the megalodon chibi i thought why the hell does it have a forcefield around it
  3. any tips on taming titans on sp im geting ready to fight the gamma king titan on my single player and i wanna get the the titans to fight him with but i keep failing to tame them i end up killing them when i try hitting the nodes any tips?
  4. im not sure if you can but you can spawn one at the clostes location to you
  5. cant do that mate im not goin on extintion tell i kill alpha rockwell
  6. dam thanks tho ive been looking in the blue zone for basilisks
  7. no the entire map is on rockwells tentical because he pulls us out of the ship so the ending cinematic will be us getting back on the ship
  8. if im beaning honest i dont think it is
  9. ik im working on that iv only been playing on my sp for about 2 weeks now
  10. thx ill try that but sometimes i have the urge to gcm after i die because i dont want to lose my stuff so idk what to do about that
  11. dude that looks awesome how long did it take you to build
  12. any tips on finding alpha reapers or alpha basilisks im trying to do alpha rockwell but i just cant find any alphas is the a setting to increase alpha spawns on singleplayer or an easier way to find them
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