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  1. i transferred off aberration to genesis and when i go up to a mission terminal and try up upload my drakes saddle it wont work i cant remove it from my inventory into the ark data
  2. CURSE YOU PERRY THE MEAWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. its funny how no one here realizes you can use the Rockwell terminal to leave
  4. to be honest i dont like her so far i prefer the original voice for hlna but ill get used to it
  5. Dino count on xbox singleplayer So in the singleplayer settings you can adjust the dino count and the scale maxes out at 1.0 is there any way to make it go above 1.0 to ex: 2.5 because I want more dinos to spawn in my world is this possible?
  6. forgive me but you say this is a quality of life but you put kapros and troudons
  7. how to activate past events on a singlplayer ok so ive been typing -activateevent=birthday into my admin command box for around an hour now and it wont work. is it possible to activate past events on a singleplayer or do I need to wait tell new events come out.
  8. Ever since the update none of the search bars work in game I click on them and nothing pops up I cant even name my survivor or dinos when I take them
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