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  1. i see a bunch of streamers doing hunt missions on gen 2 but they don't show up for me in the mission terminal can someone help me
  2. cant wait to see play as a dino and im even more hyped for the show it all looks great good job
  3. the giga in the first screen shot looks like its in doom its vedy nisu
  4. i grantee it will have better spots than anything in the game
  5. but thats what tek boots do
  6. Season 4 Changes Tamed Stegosaurus Resistance reduced by 35% Tamed Quetzal Resistance reduced by 20% Tamed Wyvern Resistance reduced by 20% Tamed Wyvern Damage reduced by 20% Reaper Queen added to the Valguero Aberration Zone bruv did you even read it
  7. i get the reaper queen down to 200 health turn off my charge light and it starts emitting pink clouds am i doing anything wrong?\
  8. i transferred off aberration to genesis and when i go up to a mission terminal and try up upload my drakes saddle it wont work i cant remove it from my inventory into the ark data
  9. CURSE YOU PERRY THE MEAWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. its funny how no one here realizes you can use the Rockwell terminal to leave
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