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  1. Sorry! The only way you can join is via Xbox, ark doesn’t support cross play between the two. Thanks for the interest though!
  2. Alternate accounts to get hold of There are three admins in our tribe. Myself, ImagineBraker BrewsandBinesYA And Branchynutria64 If you cant get hold of myself feel free to message those two!
  3. Thanks for the interest! That is my name on Xbox. Do you happen to have a way I can get in contact?
  4. Looking for more tribe members (unofficial 15x) Hey everyone! I'm looking for active players who would like to join myself and a few others on a boosted pvp server. The admins are awesome and the server is relatively well populated. If you're interested in joining add Imaginebraker and we'll take it from there. Mics are required!
  5. Could not load player connected storage error? Hello! I play ark survival evolved through windows 10, and after buying the genesis dlc I haven't been able to load past the title screen! It freezes after my username, Imaginebraker, pops up in the top right hand corner, and the loading comes up in the bottom right. I cant get past this, and upon waiting for about half an hour I got the message once saying that it 'could not load player connected storage' or words to that extent. After this message I tried to press start again, but this time it just froze until I finally closed it. I've attempted to both reset and reinstall the game, but on the forums they hint that it may be something serverside. My pc settings have not changed since the update, nor has my internet settings. Of course ive tried simple pc restarts as well, which haven't worked. Anybody got any ideas?
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