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  1. We have the same problem, I’ve used admin commands twice to spawn it back in. No luck in it staying though, guess I’ll just have to wait a few more patches xD
  2. Hello everyone! PC players only. I'm Damari, I play pvp on a 10x slightly modded, non-wipe server that seems to fluctuate with activity. Recently a 6 man tribe has showed up that are striving for domination, so looking to expand in response to this! We are currently only 2 players, but are looking to expand to the maximum 8 player tribe limit. We aren't no-lifers, and are from the UK. You don't need much experience in pvp to join, as it is only a game and we all have to start somewhere. You don't need to be from our timezone to play, but if it is drastically different from ours I would ask you bring someone else along to play with to ensure you have someone on with you. Speaking English is a must, however we can deal with accents The server is looking like it is going to fill up again once the lost island dlc comes out. We want to be setup by then, we own the carno island cave on the island map. If you're interested in joining, drop me a message or join my tribe on here, The Misfits. My discord is Damari#7966. Thanks for reading, enjoy!~
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