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  1. if you mean the <richcolour color...> it's when people add colours and emojis to the dino name. the log shows the code not the image.
  2. On official PVE and has just happened to me. Didn't even notice until I checked after killing two alpha carnos.
  3. About what you'd get if you tamed a 150 with high taming effectiveness.
  4. Not a new issue, reported this months ago in bug reports. Never answered. Lost multiple bees this way.
  5. Has been lagging since I started playing during the Xmas event. Can’t get full imprint on some dinos because of the lag pushing the timers. Lost dinos/gear/sanity on that server so much. Cryopodding anything during a lag is risky. So many times where the game tells me it has been podded and the Dino disappears only to look and find the pod is empty. Even after restart or dropping it. And I’ll never use a Managarmr on that server again since lag caused one of mine to teleport to the ocean border and drown. I mostly stopped playing on 196 as it’s just too annoying to deal with and I don’t want to spend every 15 minutes saying “lag” over voice chat in order to warn others to stop moving in case they end up in lava or water. Please look into this whether it’s a map issue regarding players/bases, or a hardware issue.
  6. Happened again yesterday to me. I now have 5 female baby tapejaras and not 4. Sigh.
  7. Thanks for the replies! Funny thing is though, no server changing with these dinos happened. And they're not old pods either, I know that when the cryopods changed to show stats everything was listed as male until you repodded the dinos, and I fixed that immediately with my very few dinos at the time. I've never had this on unofficial or SP, only official servers.
  8. Cryopods Changing Gender Has anyone else experienced gender changes on dinos after cryopodding them? It has been happening to me the past few weeks, especially with babies. All diffferent dinos. I know for a fact that it isn't just me being an idiot; they're named Male/Female and logged into Smart Breeder that way too. Yet when I unpod they change gender. It's a real problem when you've just bought specific dinos as breeding pairs.
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