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  1. Happened again yesterday to me. I now have 5 female baby tapejaras and not 4. Sigh.
  2. Thanks for the replies! Funny thing is though, no server changing with these dinos happened. And they're not old pods either, I know that when the cryopods changed to show stats everything was listed as male until you repodded the dinos, and I fixed that immediately with my very few dinos at the time. I've never had this on unofficial or SP, only official servers.
  3. Cryopods Changing Gender Has anyone else experienced gender changes on dinos after cryopodding them? It has been happening to me the past few weeks, especially with babies. All diffferent dinos. I know for a fact that it isn't just me being an idiot; they're named Male/Female and logged into Smart Breeder that way too. Yet when I unpod they change gender. It's a real problem when you've just bought specific dinos as breeding pairs.
  4. Calling something baby doesn't mean it can't eat from trough, just a term to say it's not fully grown. Maybe they meant juvenile or adolescent. In my case the parasaur was full grown and only 5 dinos were in range of the trough that eat berries. I have a seperate trough for meat. And that parasaur was set to wild creatures only. It's mate that didn't starve was set to players and tamed, and stood next to it. I wish I could provide more information but the only thing is; adult tek parasaur with a full Tek trough starved for no reason whilst I was offline and tribe was in ORP.
  5. No bag, and yes it was always on turret mode. I checked it's inventory just before I logged off, because I used it as a "dump box" to offload my wyvern when I get back to base. When it was empty it was full health, full food etc. I didn't get a red death message (### was killed) in the log as usual either, just grey "Tek Parasaur starved to death".
  6. Yep, unofficial servers have the option to allow Wild Dino Pickup, can be changed via the ini files or if you host your server via G-Portal etc.
  7. As the title says my Tek Para starved a few hours after I logged off. It was in range of a Tek trough full ofMejoberries and somehow starved to death. Even though the ankylos and other Tek Para further away are perfectly fine and fed. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. Don 't know if my problem is similar or not but I unpodded a baby tek parasaur that instantly disappeared. It was ofc claimed, and tribe log doesn't show death either. Just unpodded and 1 second later poof, disappeared before my eyes. It would have starved to death within an hour definitely but nothing in the log.
  9. I found two underwater ones in the past two days. Only just started underwater exploring too. 1st had MC Mosa saddle and 2nd had... can't even remember it was so crap.
  10. You can't say that all harassment tickets can be swept under the header of "witch hunts" though. Genuine harassment is being ignored via these GM methods. That's not exactly fair to players. @WolfBrink you have the option to reply to the ticket, if you are still experiencing it contact them again through that.
  11. As if the lag is fixed with that Alternating 2x taming and maturation etc would be awesome.
  12. No sorry, never ever got an answer from support. It did eventually starve to death, heard it's death cry lol. Friend also had brontos put all over his base; his roof too, so clearly intentional, and he ended up having to move because support never replied. Wouldn't hold my breath mate.
  13. Yeah, it’s official. I didn’t even think that could be considered illegal in terms of Ark. But, I admit I am confused generally as to what the devs think of as breaking the rules as they responded to my support ticket about someone knowingly kiting wyverns to my base and getting all my stuff killed/destroyed with; “not malicious activity”. But oh well. \_(シ)_/ Off to send a ticket then I guess. ?
  14. I've lost my first event coloured griffin due to rubberbanding, suddenly not being in the flying animation and crash landing, and the lag of the server I play on. Support never replied to me at all and it's been weeks. Other people have lost wyverns, snow owls, managarmr, griffins, argentavis, and more in the space of 3 weeks since I joined the server. All due to the same reason.
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