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  1. I have that issue once in a while. I usually just put something into it and it seems to work.
  2. Yes. Depending on which wyvern area you are in though, as some trenches have a lot of wyverns around. Generally. If you see a 100, there could be a 100 egg. However they do despawn, and eggs can go stale, meaning as soon as you pick it up it vanishes. Best bet is to go in. Clear out eggs, see what you get. Then you know fresh ones are coming and probably directly linked to the ones flying near.
  3. I was playing on my unofficial cluster yesterday. Xbox with Nitrado server. And my drops on rag were back to good quality.
  4. It’s a little tricky, but not rocket science. So when you traditionally hatch an egg, get a baby, you can look at its stats. Simple. However. The egg incubator shows you the allocated points to each stat type. Example. If you have a level 120egg. It has all those areas where stats can go in, health, melee, Stam etc. So. For that 120 egg, there is 120 points to be divided up by some algorithm into the stats until 120. I just tried out the egg incubator and we are somewhat struggling with that as well. Just get your eggs to the stats you want traditionally. Then make a set in incubator. I
  5. I’m not sure how many people you have that play. But I have 10 slots on my server. I only use 4-5. We are going to add a second server soon and cluster them. We are PVE. And friendly. And coop. Most of us play on our own. No violence. If that sounds interesting, maybe we could all share and split some cost. I could set up the booster app which lets people add some runtime/money on it.
  6. Agreed. I have since gone to a Nitrado server and we have all started over. Slightly boosted rates and we know so much more than when we were beach bobs. I can say the Nitrado server is very stable. Way less time out connection lost. Ping is usually under 25 for us. I wish I would have known about the Xbox dedicated save thing way before, I would have probably not rushed out to get it. But. It is very nice to play on. Hope it works out for you as well. Waiting for Gen 2 to release and then see what kind of bugs show up after updates before my crew goes to Gen 1. We are preparing things
  7. So, I finally got my hands on an Xbox series x. Currently I host a player dedicated private server for me and a handful of friends on my Xbox one. Been playing all the maps with friends for over a year. I want to make the Xbox series x the new server Xbox so we can do genesis and crystal isles. My issue is that it seems upgrading may have been a waste of money since the server files did not move over to the series x. Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this work, otherwise is seems that upgrading doesn’t do anything for us without restarting from the beginning. And with each playe
  8. If the server has an open type, which is what you want. That’s good. If the connecting players have moderate or strict, it can cause issues. I have 2 players and a server all in same house. Sometimes one of the player Xbox’s needs to have the NAT type changed. I have tried many things. What usually works for me is to change the port in the Xbox settings. For some reason it always works and puts it to open. Maybe give that a try.
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