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  1. Happy birthday! Its been a great journey! Event sounds cool and looking forward to the future for more great ark content. To all all the players crying about the rates... 5x breeding will cause server issues and then you will cry that you can’t play. So just enjoy 2x, and I fear for you when you have to go back to 1x remember all the complaints around Easter time? Maybe if people used cryopods and didn’t strain the servers with their lag bases and mass breeding areas we could have nice things. Anyways positive vibes! happy birthday ark! Happy survivi
  2. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but tusos in pve. In PvP modes they get their life leech but in pve you cannot grab stuff, so they could be given the argy heal after getting a kill. It would even the sustainability of tusos between pvp and pve and not allow trolls in pve to be trolls with it.
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