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  1. Hahaha why do you want it early? So you can complain again it’s broken and unfinished? It will come out when it’s ready. I’m sure wc isn’t just holding on completed dlc to spite us console peasants, it’s most likely still going through the final stages of completion.
  2. I got a few mastercraft and journeyman bps when Genesis came out. Not sure if fishing has been nerfed again since then but that was my main source of good bps on Genesis before the loot crates became worthwhile.
  3. Tropeo has that escape move, use that before the mana shoots you? Also my tropeo has 12k hp unmutated with some levels, as you can put some hp on them since melee is irrelevant, their dmg comes from the saddles. Also with manas needing to land more often due to nerfs surely you can just keep using the tropeo evade move to help avoid getting frozen and then stay near to sky barrier so it’s harder for the mana to get you? I never saw the tropeo as a mana killer, it’s more of a flyer killer. Great speed and mobility easy to avoid wyvern breathes etc. Not defending manas at all,
  4. Happy birthday! Its been a great journey! Event sounds cool and looking forward to the future for more great ark content. To all all the players crying about the rates... 5x breeding will cause server issues and then you will cry that you can’t play. So just enjoy 2x, and I fear for you when you have to go back to 1x remember all the complaints around Easter time? Maybe if people used cryopods and didn’t strain the servers with their lag bases and mass breeding areas we could have nice things. Anyways positive vibes! happy birthday ark! Happy survivi
  5. Not all dinos need to be able to kill bosses. Wolves and such have their place as do rexes. It would be nice to have a few more options for killing bosses. Or rather it’s people just trading for “boss” rexes and such without putting in the time to breed up lines. Sure rexes are easier to get to boss stats, eggs nowadays are hatching above what is required to kill bosses. If that amount of work breeding went into weaker dinos they would still be able to kill bosses, but not many breed other dinos to the extremes as Rex’s gigas theris rhinos and so on. Go breed up something different
  6. Go to the surface at 5 30pm and you won’t get roasted. I always start drop hunting at 6pm on abb, and I always go back at 4 am. Never been roasted. Ofc other map maybe different but that’s it for abb
  7. From aberration the day night is 5:30 am and pm. It’s safe to go on the surface the correct sides of those times. And with 90% day/ night speeds those are the times when the time speed either increases or decreases.
  8. Maybe if people learnt how to build, instead of giant lag boxes and actually used cryopods, (a few dinos out is ok but all of them?) The risk of that kind of lag inducing, ugly looking, giant box / gate building neighbour moving right next to you is too great. Also people kill spawns and don’t know how to protect them so everyone can benefit from the resources. Once everyone can build something nice and take into consideration of other players needing resources then pillar spam will end. Short answer... Never.
  9. Start crafting/ farming for things you will need later on. For example narcotics and metal ingots. You will need thousands of each for stuff so start collecting them. Also if you have a base location, look at what you need to craft the industrial grinder. (You need a lot of things) go farm all of that so when you get to that level you can craft it straight away. Getting all those materials will get you a few levels, and when you can craft the grinder, craft it and then fill it with stone, then grind all that stone into flint for more experience. Going forward after that look toward
  10. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but tusos in pve. In PvP modes they get their life leech but in pve you cannot grab stuff, so they could be given the argy heal after getting a kill. It would even the sustainability of tusos between pvp and pve and not allow trolls in pve to be trolls with it.
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