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  1. Cryofridge. Dinos gain exp when left in the fridge. So all Dino can level up a bit without doing anything. Tame/raise a Dino, leave it in the fridge for a couple of days and then depod it, usually it will get about 40ish levels. After about 40/50 level ups the exp needed for levels is a lot higher, but it’s a great fast way to get those early levels without having to go level them manually, also good for things that don’t do much damage like ovis etc.
  2. Basilo killed a 145 alpha tuso the other day with a basilo 35k health and about 250% damage. Didn’t need to heal it either. Took a while but my damage was low but had enough hp to grind it out. Keep looking for basilos. A breed one would be better but mine was just a tamed one so just look for a nice high level one, 130+ should do the trick.
  3. No after playing this game so long with all the bugs etc I just enjoy what I can from this game. Wc are a small company so I don’t expect much I just enjoy what I can. This was a cool over sight on their part and I felt they should have just ran with it.
  4. Does not affect me. I’m still breeding doing missions, playing the game. Only ones affected are those with jealousy. Fair, well everyone could transfer a pregnancy/ buy a clone. Intended? No but neither are a lot of things in this game that still exist.
  5. Not defending the reaper rider as clearly they are in the wrong but that could also have been done on a frog/kangaroo/bloodstalker, just so happens that the person was riding a reaper.
  6. It would be very strange not to allow rexes to Genesis since rexes are already on Genesis so and gigas well we will see. I just like reapers and from the trailer it looked as if we would be able to get reapers here. We could unintentionally, but wc should have just embraced it and added queens imo. Either way my reaper is in a pod in valguero waiting to come back over if/whenever that maybe.
  7. Ok say wc allowed reapers and accepted this and allowed reaper transfers/ added queens. It would give reapers a time in the spotlight. But when the floodgates of transfers fully open, boss rexes and gigas will be everywhere, just like every other map. The only reason people are using reapers is because the x Rex’s arnt as breed out and decent saddles arnt as common, once transfers open reapers for the most part will just be display items. Also for those saying reapers can clean out nests and get all the eggs, I’ve just spent the last hour collecting eggs on foot with just a cloth shirt, glide suit, 2 sets of climbing picks, calien soup stack of meat and a stack of fibre for shirt repairs. On official too.
  8. As is taming ferox with berries but no one was complaining about that exploit now? In the end when transfers open people will Rex stomp the boss with their 30k hp 1200+ melee hatch rexes anyway. At least reapers had a use for now.
  9. They should just add queens to the lunar and be done with it, would be easier than wiping and failing at it and it would keep the “ReAPeRs Op” crowd quiet until they struggle to get impregnated. When transfers do open gigas will be everywhere so why not allow reapers to have some fun for a bit. There are pvp counters and breed rexes with decent saddles are stronger and tankier. Yeah I get reapers are from abb but abb also has rock drakes as an exclusive, just have reapers in both gen and abb. Plus it wouldn’t be lore breaking since reapers are in the lunar biome, ok they are invisible but that’s just another bug Also reapers are good to get around all the ugly behemoth gate bases that plague the arks, since people feel the need to block off pathways or build ridiculously large bases with no way to get past.
  10. Insta killed in ocean biome So I had just tamed a high level plesiosaur and was taking it out for a ride in the ocean biome enjoying its speed, getting it some levels as you do. Then all of a sudden insta death. All my armor broke then me and my plesi just insta died. Nothing around, no killed by xxxx just plesiosaur and me was killed. I swam back to my death beacon to inspect and nothing was around just our corpses, so my broken gear was retrieved but that can be replaced, random deaths no so much fun. At least it wasn’t something I had spent a week or two raising and imprinting.
  11. I don’t want anything removed, just more of a comparison of the two unintended things in the game. Reapers will come to Genesis at some point, either transfers or adding queens to the lunar (which would be my suggestion) so best to just live with it. No one wants to lose a tame. Also breed rexes will out dps a reaper, saddles can be farmed from missions. Also rexes can get mate boost too.
  12. If you want reapers wiped does that mean you’ll want those ferox tamed with berries removed too? Since that wasn’t intended either now was it?
  13. You can grow crops in other biomes then go to the bog once you have a batch made up. Ok medium crop plot at level 26 I believe, still low level and easy to craft.
  14. Bug repellent is level 16 and a small crop plot at level 10, pestle and mortar at level 6 and narcotic at level 6 as well, stone pipes at level 17. So a low level 17 can make bug repellent. They just need to grow some crops and make them. Also HLNA can sell you pelt so you don’t have to try kill stuff in the arctic if that is too hard. Lack of engrams is either lack of planning or just use a mind wipe (if/when they are fixed)
  15. If the anky wasn’t going to make the next imprint you should have cryoed it after the first one and waited till the event ended. Take advantage of what you can during the event but plan for when the short events end. Well now you have to wait till the next x3 or settle for less than 100% imprint.
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