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  1. Aberration is a really beautiful map and although it has a lot of layers the map doesn't feel that big to me and like u said it is not for the faint of heart, although i am an experienced ark player i doubt that everyone is who might join the server. i'm not planning on making a server cluster right away i might do it in the future which definitely will include aberration.
  2. i like the center it's a beautiful map but there is just too much water in my opinion, i haven't played a lot on it though. I'm pretty sure that you can modify the levels of spawning dino's just by changing the setting or difficulty. i actually like cross transfer because it allows you too have dino's like the griffin on maps that they don't spawn naturally on although it has its downsides. but you just said u prefer standard dino's so i don't think you'll agree with me on that one.
  3. i am wondering what map is mostly played or liked, i would like to start my own server but in order to get people to play on it i would like to know the map you love the most?
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