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  1. Hey guys! If you are looking for a relaxed but pvp Ocx server then this is the one for you! We are fresh starting this Friday with a wipe (15.02.19) and would love some new players to come chill, laugh and pvp. Any questions hit me up otherwise we look forward to seeing you beautiful people on the server ! ? NONTOXIC PvP Rates: Harvesting 15x XP: 10x Taming: 25x Maturation: 25x Food and Water drain: 0.5x -Tweaked dino stats -Tweaked player stats -Tweaked loot tables Mods: S+ TC’s Auto Rewards Naj’s Speedy Flyers Offline Guard System Ultra Stacks Bitou2k's Binocular Unlock Engram Rare sightings mod https://discord.gg/tQKCnMT
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