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  1. I would partake more in the Summer Bash event but this recent patch has somehow gotten rid of all the skins before the events official end. What's up with that and will they be added back in before the end date?
  2. My graphics were lower than I had them set. I set everything back to how I had them and the problem was fixed. No more line.
  3. Nevermind, I found out the problem
  4. Strange line glitch For some reason, post update, there appears to be some kind of line like glitch in the middle of my game screen. It only seems to appear on certain plains like metal, grass, etc. Line Glitch
  5. If I had to guess, I'm guessing it was a glitch that occured when the Valentine stuff was removed.
  6. Color problem It seems that when Genesis part 1 arrived and my game updated, a lot of the colors in my server were altered. Brick is now Olive, Navy is a dark black, etc. Thankfully I can repaint with the right colors but it's a bit odd.
  7. So recent patch today and not only is the explorer note list STILL empty but apparently the fixed of an exploit has disabled the Discord overlay. What the hell.
  8. Is it due to this upcoming update that my explorer note collection and map have been reset?
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