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  1. That is a good idea! That eliminates the need to constantly sync and is entirely on demand. Thanks!
  2. Some of Juggernaut's comments about copying player files to get around transfer not working got me to testing... I found that not only does this work, it is better than the official transfer because you retain your character on the original server! Now you can play on either one. As for transferring items/dinos... I find this CAN be done, but because the ClusterDirOverride setting does not work, you have to either manually sync your cluster folders, or use a program to do it. Once your cluster folders are syncing it works! Even better, because your player exists o
  3. Great job Juggernaut! I have been running my own Win10 crossplay servers now for a couple years and concur with and confirm all of your post! Around summer of 2019 I finally figured out how to host multiple servers using virtual machines in VirtualBox ! It is a bit complicated, and I don't think it is appropriate for me to post those details in a reply. May post on its own if requested. I have some things to add to Juggernaut's post... Firstly, most of the limitations and issues root from the fact that the game is being run from the AppStore, and runs under a differe
  4. YES!! the issue is that Microsoft has a license service that eventually detects that you are running multiple copies, and will kill the one before it. Start the Ark server as you normally do. Wait for the console admin screen to appear, then disable the service using: net stop LicenseManager Note that the LicenseManager must be running to get fully logged into the game, so you cannot disable it, only start/stop it. You also do not need to restart the service as launching the game restarts it for you! I created batch file on the desktop for easy access. (it took me
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