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  1. The only problem I see is: how many shotgun shells its gonna take to kill all my 10k stam osd manas. LOL consider a stat reroll at the very least alot of us had manas built for dash. Thanks
  2. Extinction 459 pc Server is down, not seeing an update in place. Several tribe mates experiencing the same issue.
  3. Logged in, added gas to generator, added cooked meat to trough logged out lol
  4. Lol Today I dropped a 150 doedicurus kibbled it to 95% after wiping the whole area with a giga... picked 1 more kibble from the gigs saddle. When I turned around a troodon was attacking the doedicurus's dead carcass....GG
  5. I built my chemistry station today to get narcotics crafted faster, just to go outside realize my brontosaurus has been killed...
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