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  1. Extinction 459 pc Server is down, not seeing an update in place. Several tribe mates experiencing the same issue.
  2. Giga was actually my third tame in all of ark . This can be done with raw meat narcotics and a prim crossbow. Contrary to what anyone else might say. If you go balls out on an 8 hour excursion like this and are lower level. Bring a bunch of clubs that's the only way you will keep him asleep. Also fyi a raptor will supply him enough meat for the tame.... dont get bit
  3. 250 hp , 200 melee 150 movement speed, 6 fort "troodons" the rest weight
  4. Only runs out of render distance if hes still alive. I had this happen on a raptor vs Rex scenario obviously I had the raptor then. Fyi in your key bindings get used to the whistle "all stop" and whistle all "passive" especially for underwater tames. Hes probably floating around somewhere but short of you puting a tracking device on him, which you wouldn't have asked about: how to find him. You are kind of stuck searching on foot or pterodactyl. Good luck on your search.
  5. Logged in, added gas to generator, added cooked meat to trough logged out lol
  6. Moschops is good^ however I use whatever dino I'm trying to level and kill alpha creatures. I'm currently wrecking alpha Raptors with my dire bear lol.
  7. Hmm, sometimes the refresh query is a lil slow try ticking your current survivor's.
  8. Alpha Carno took my thatch house apart, killed me, destroyed my chests, destroyed my bed.. Perty much started over after...
  9. Lol Today I dropped a 150 doedicurus kibbled it to 95% after wiping the whole area with a giga... picked 1 more kibble from the gigs saddle. When I turned around a troodon was attacking the doedicurus's dead carcass....GG
  10. I built my chemistry station today to get narcotics crafted faster, just to go outside realize my brontosaurus has been killed...
  11. Alpha rex isnt really a problem with higher level Rex's, or a low level giga 15k hp is really all you need.... don't do this from the saddle of a small dino though... obviously
  12. It's very hard, haven't succeeded yet
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