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  1. thank you for not completely destroying s3 of conquest.
  2. literally nobody is on here being "aggressive" bro. no foul language, no "or i quit" etc etc. just because the majority of us dont believe in participation trophies, and want the more casual players (the guys who can only play 1-2hrs or 2 days a week etc) in our guilds to have a place to play. the simple fact is YOU CAN GET AROUND THE TRIBE COOLDOWN. the rule just makes it annoying, and alienates casual players from being able to play with bigger tribes. meaning they wont play longer than week once they get steamrolled off some little pillar. if conquest was a regular wipe cycle that the
  3. why are so adamant on being a forum warrior for something you have nothing to do with. here is an idea leave the thread. we are voicing our concern about a game mode WE LOVE TO PLAY. Conquest is the only game mode i prefer any more. small tribes is sweat and account sharing. 1x official is slot capping and DDOS'ing so the enemy cant play. Both have dinos that are damn near mutation cap so breeding is dead and dinos are beyond busted. WE PLAY CONQUEST TO GET AWAY FROM THOSE THINGS. Its a fresh wipe. But they are ruining the game mode and turning it into 1x where the defenders cant defend
  4. is there a way we could get it forwarded to someone who may reconsider massive changes to a cluster people have grown to love that is being ruined by the bad decisions they are putting in place last minute? no caves, ok what ever, its gonna be annoying and the cluster is going to die fast, which sucks because we waited almost a whole year for this wipe. but then you add in a 24hr cooldown on tribe slots 2 days before the wipe when a lot of people had already planned out their tribes and invited people and friends to play with them. you have to understand that the 24hr cd doesnt affect the big
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