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  1. Agree Totally!!!!! Building crafting survival is where its at for me. Mass effect comes out in 2 months for those who want that type of game. All the main game has added over the last 6 months is dinosaurs, I don't get it. The dynamic length bridge must be on hell of an update?
  2. Hi Runado, I've been sticking to the single player side of things recently. Just could not commit the time needed for Multiplayer unfortunately. I may one day return one day to server 220. I did hook up with a tribe at one point but the lag around the base was just unbearable. Man it just made my head hurt. Ark a great game but working & playing around big bases really needs work. Cool people in the tribe though, go Kat you BA!
  3. Do you think they just gave away the premise for Ark. When we wake on the island or similar map is it just some sort of massive virtual reality theme park? Westworld type or just highly advanced VR thing like Total Recall?
  4. I guess my point was to have some variety. 1 month , Some 6 month some a year or even 2. Also my other point was private servers to control who you play with is enough for some people. I have not played on an official for over 6months now & I'm still loving the game playing on a controlled server. There are plenty out their & you can even set up your own if you like. Certain people love the pvp servers & they should be allowed that option as well.
  5. I think different period extinction servers may help (1 year maybe). Also I believe private servers or single or local host servers are a better solution for some players. Even the xbox & ps4 look like they may be getting private servers that can be run on a pc. Maybe this is a better solution for some people. I also get frustrated with the official servers some times & dominant tribes being jerks but that's the game & there are alternate ways to play!
  6. reducing stamina & weight would be more realistic
  7. I have a level 96 who like to hover around the same location on my game. Its extremely skittish and I find it even more difficult that a quetz to tame. I will keep trying though!!!
  8. I have no facts to back this up but I think if you have an xbox one S it will naturally run slightly better (note very slightly) if its similar to other games
  9. yes but will have able to take advantage of the increase horsepower? PS4 pro could provide some pretty epic settings
  10. Do you think they will have a playstation pro version or setting with better frame rates or graphics
  11. Please devs fix the over spawning on the center map on the xbox. It is unplayable local hosted games! Get anywhere in land especially near caves & the fames drop to almost zero!!
  12. Thanks never new this was a thing
  13. Please elaborate, Stim Berry Tames?
  14. I do not know if the game engine would allow it. But I love the way you think!
  15. I believe the dev replied in a QA session that they will be adding a new raft type with the tek tier. Twice the build limit