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  1. Please add stackable foundations. It will really open up the maps like the island
  2. Do you think they just gave away the premise for Ark. When we wake on the island or similar map is it just some sort of massive virtual reality theme park? Westworld type or just highly advanced VR thing like Total Recall?
  3. I have no facts to back this up but I think if you have an xbox one S it will naturally run slightly better (note very slightly) if its similar to other games
  4. yes but will have able to take advantage of the increase horsepower? PS4 pro could provide some pretty epic settings
  5. Do you think they will have a playstation pro version or setting with better frame rates or graphics
  6. Also, am I the only one who thinks they should have been more clear about split screen & it only being for non dedicated servers & single player. I know the question was asked hundreds of time pre patch about official dedicated servers but it was never clarified till after patch was released???????? Btw patch notes are still not updated & are still confusing everybody
  7. I learned the crossbow engram last night having tried the game post patch. I does not show up in my crafting menu, is this a new bug?? is it fixable as there is no option to re learn as its showing I already learned it?
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