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  1. I have a Genesis Mysterious Mysteries too. I just noticed mine today, I don’t know what trophies are, I don’t know what I did to get it, but I like the sound of it. Mine’s 07, but I don’t understand the difference other than the little symbol.
  2. Mythical

    mobile Ancient Amber

    It’s an amber metal rock. I haven’t had any luck with “normal” metal rocks and crowbars, but I’ve gotten 12 ancient ambers from the metal rocks marked with amber. And while without a crowbar, the amber chance may be that low, crowbars make it incredibly easier.
  3. I’m pretty bad at gauging the passage of time, but around the time when pheromones were first added, argies were my favorite so I bred them with herbivore pheromones. (So, a long time ago). I haven’t used them since, and I couldn’t find much information on the topic, so I was wondering if it still worked. Thank you both!
  4. Mythical

    mobile Ancient Amber

    Find a metal rock with an amber chance, and then just use the crowbar on it. Like you would an axe or a pickaxe. Good luck! It’s hard to find, even with the crowbar. (There is some significant amber there, though)
  5. Argie Pheromones Question Last time I used pheromones on an argie, quite a while ago, they took herbivore pheromones. I want to use pheromones on my argies again, but I don’t want to waste my amber on the wrong pheromone. Do they still take herbivore pheromones? What pheromones do argies take?
  6. Yeah, I’ve been to your safe zone before. In fact, my base is exactly where your base is. But, in the square, I’ve gotten quite a few titanos and gigas there. Alphas, too. Lovely area, but there’s definitely some annoyances. As previously mentioned, drag it into the sea and let it drown itself.
  7. Yeah. Beavers and Argies used to drop stone battlements.
  8. Tapejaras have always interacted weirdly with water for me. I’ve never seen this before, though.
  9. I recall, a very long time ago, that my first ever tame was a moschops. ARK: Mobile very young, maybe a couple of months old. I started out on the little island with the big rock forming a “tent” shape in the Southern Islets. One day I decided to explore and cross the river. Being level 4, it wasn’t a bright idea. Megapirannah swarmed my moschops and I, and he bravely fought them off and died while I was respawning. When I decided to tame one again, in the far future, I was betrayed when it ran away in the face of danger. But I recently figured out that they can gather a lot of stuff for you, which is why I keep one around.
  10. Go to the edges of the map, and scan bottom of the ocean. I’d suggest looping around a few times. They’re annoyingly rare, but if you look around long enough, you’ll find one eventually. Plesis spawn commonly, and they often come in pairs, sometime in three’s. Find them on the bottom of the ocean at the edges of the map. Mosas and tusos are harder to find. In fact, I’ve never ever seen wild tuso before. I recently started playing multiplayer, and I saw a tamed one for the first time. Mosas and tusos are quite rare, and they spawn by themselves. Find them on the bottom of the ocean at the edges of the map.
  11. I’ve had quite a few hassles with taming animals, as well. Back when I didn’t know the game very well (and I still played in Single Player), I distinctly recall my quest to tame a Parasaur. I vividly remember the disaster. I didn’t know what a bola was, so I was basically hunting one down and chasing it across the island with a slingshot. I failed many times, but eventually I knocked one out. My hands were literally shaking from the adrenaline of the pursuit. As I was feeding it berries, I see the “dangerous area” pop up in the top right of my screen. I start panicking and looking for the threat as this MASSIVE creature bursts through the foliage (it was a Carno, but I had never seen one. The most dangerous thing I had encountered was a dilo). But it didn’t go for me, it started eating my Parasaur! The Carno killed it in one bite. Furious, I stab the killer with my spear as it eats the Parasaur’s corpse. In my livid fit of rage, I ended up killing the Carno, and it had a bunch of loot in its inventory. I was proud, but it took me a while to actually tame a Parasaur. A while later, after I’d tamed a raptor (and discovered what a bola was), I recall my fascination with tapejaras. I tried three times to tame one, and each failed miserably. The first time, I successfully captured one with a bola, whacked it unconscious with my fabulous journeyman club, and was feeding it. Then, out of nowhere, three raptors came and killed my tapejara! I furiously stabbed them with my spears (my weapon of choice) and killed them all. After the span of about 3 days, I tried to tame one again. Same spot, knocked it out, and the raptors came again. I was one step ahead, though. As I was killing them, I accidentally stabbed my tapejara and killed it. I didn’t try again for about a week. I was exploring on a pteranodon, when I came across a beautiful tapejara. I pull out my bola, capture it, and knock it out. As it was eating, a rex (first time I’d ever seen one. I was terrified) emerged through the trees and killed the tapejara. In a fit of panic, I grabbed the tapejara’s implant, mounted my ptera, and flew away to the green beacon. I revived the tapejara and it flew away before I could bola it. A while later, I was headed north on my ptera (I was around far’s peak) and I caught sight of the most gorgeous tapejara I had ever seen. All black, save for the little white patch on his crest. I chased it high in the sky, then waited for forever for it to come down. My game crashed, I fell of my ptera, and I died. As I was making my way back to the spot of my death, I discovered a new creature: the Argentavis. I forgot about the tapejara and went to go try and tame that. The end. I’ve also had a megalosaurus I revived at the green beacon run away, fall off the edge, and drown. And, just a week ago, I revived an eerie rex at the red beacon. He followed me and fell of the edge into the water. I spent a good 15 minutes coaxing him onto dry land, he almost drowned, and then he attacked a dimorphodon. R.I.P. the rex. I was furious. So I revived him at the blue beacon and almost ran out of food to feed him! Wow, sorry for the long wall of text.
  12. I’ve played for quite a long time, and I’ve done plenty of stupid stuff. One continuous thing I probably shouldn’t be doing is jumping off cliffs and buildings. I do that WAY more than I should, and while I haven’t died yet, I’ve certainly come close. It sure beats getting down the long way, though. I, regrettably, also forgot to feed my baby Giga, resulting in his death. He was almost juvenile, too. I forget various foods, weapons, items, and dinos I need to complete tasks. I forget the walls when I go across the map to build a base. I forget food to tame dinos. I forget my sword when I want to run a cave, or my gun when I just left my base to hunt. I forget to mount the Dino I was going to use to hunt or travel with. I forget to bring meat/berries with me when I go to claim the baby Dino that just hatched. Sometimes I forget that a baby was even due to hatch, and I find its dead corpse in the nursery. I forget my fur armor when I go to the snow region. I forget my good armor when I’m fighting something. Etc, etc, etc. I sometimes travel across the map and when I reach my destination, I’ve forgotten what I had intended to do. Usually I go back to my base, and THEN I remember what I was gonna do and I have to go ALL the way back.
  13. I’d personally love rock drakes and wyverns. I love those two so much, and I’d be up for the challenge.
  14. Question About Server Transferring I’m new to multiplayer, and I notice that every once in a while, servers phase out. I am paranoid about this happening to my sever, so, I would like to ask a question. When transporting our animals, do we have to kill them or can we just take their implants while they’re alive?
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