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  1. CatchMe

    Pvp server

    I am seeking for a unofficial console pvp ragnarok server with the rates X 5 or 10 something in that range. not the stupid servers where you can punch a giga to death. does anyone now one?
  2. CatchMe

    Extinction storyline

    Can someone explain the extinction storyline? Wat is the prism in Helena’s notes? Whatsapp happend to her?
  3. CatchMe

    Official rates

    If I play on official, I don’t have problems with gathering enough mats but just if you start, it takes very long to level. Getting to a smithy takes long. But c4 is not very hard on official pvp in my eyes. You get killed 1000 times before you reach smithy and than c4 to raid someone.
  4. A dino I dont know, Rhino I think. I did raid the alpha tribe when I started. Just sneak in and walk through gates when they let it open. Steal c4 from the smithy and destroy their base. Get to the left alone Dino’s claim them and you have yourself a poopload of stuff. I did bring it to base most of the stuff. Started with element and fit get killed by rhino, AMAZING DAY
  5. CatchMe

    winter wonderland in a nutshell

    It is quite sadly how people see this event. An event is not meaned to make everyone op but just to get loot on an easier way than collecting over and over again. The presents are easy to get with ptera or argy. If there 35 people online it can get tricky but he, ark isn’t an easy game at all
  6. CatchMe

    Just how tough is an Alpha Rex?

    Can a thyla with 750 melee 30K HP and 66 procent imprint voedt take one down? Destroys alpha carbon in 30 sec
  7. CatchMe

    Taming a Basilo

    I never Tamed a basilo on The Island but on ragnarok I mainly kill all the mantas with a baryonix and than try to trap it with gates in shallow waters. I leveled mine to like 50K HP and need to level damage still
  8. CatchMe


    Raiding depends totally on the base, which dino’s there are, what you got qua resources, which dino’s you have. My style is sneak in and plant everything Full with C4. This works by middle and sometimes large bases but large bases with online people you need to team up with your tribe there is a difference between organised tribe battle and Just raiding. Of you got the resources I advise for a large metal base 25 C4 a crossbow with trant arrows. High quality flak or riot. Some grenadeds. And a thyla for bases that are outside megalania’s for INSIDE. Bring an army of dino’s of he has neutral dino’s.
  9. CatchMe

    Argys or Lightnings for manticora alpha?

    It worked for us to hover the other wyvern above the platform and we did do 10 rexes and 9 lightning plus 1 fire because we did not have more lightning. We did let the manticore land and whistle all dino’s on it. You can’t trap the manticore with rexes anymore but the wyvern could do it when we did it. Hope this was helpfull!
  10. CatchMe

    Ragnarok bosses strategy

    We are doing unofficial with a bit jogger levelups SO 65K is possible. Thanks!
  11. CatchMe

    Ragnarok bosses strategy

    The Ragnarok bosses look very hard to me and I heard that you need to kill the dragon first, Why?
  12. I wanna defect the megaphiticus on Alpha but it really does have a lot of HP and damage compared with broodmother alpha. Any Tips?