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  1. Turn off / disable / put in game mode your antivirus. Battleeye and Antivirus are both invasive programs and sometimes don't play well together. You can add in exceptions on your antivirus to allow battleye more freedom.
  2. This is a common problem on all games which lead to question on why a system was never set up to account for it. ie - IF so many Established tribes (%) say they want a server wipe then one is initiated say in a week. Established as in active and been on the server for a month or 2 or...... Then it would happen. Something like that and yes it is rough and would need to be hashed out the exact method....
  3. And this is why I only play on private servers, People feel it is there right to cheat exploit so anticheat / exploit mechanisms are put in the game which then break the game. Hmmm guess it would have better to not cheat / exploit to begin with.
  4. Korizan


    Fence them in collect some eggs and or lead some wild dilo's in to take care of them IF they where nice/ or not depending.. they left them with mating enabled.
  5. Stirrup does not help keep you on a horse when something is flying at you. In fact if you are moving at any pace you are not really in the saddle but more akin to standing which makes it even easier. Never been pinned indefinitely but am always spamming my attack key when I am pinned because my dino's are on attack my target never neutral or passive when I am riding them. Mounts serve as protection and sometimes distractions that save you. Annoying at times yes but personally I have no problem with the mechanic. And yes I have died from them, generally when I am not paying attention. You can always attack first and live longer
  6. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Fria_Curry And others that heal. And well Hide is better then Chitin for for cold.
  7. The Game uses Unreal Engine 4 which to be honest runs better on a nvidia and this is coming from someone who has been running ATI sense the 90's. But still like AMD better then intel 99.8 % of the time. AMD running right now Right now I am running a 1070 TI and get 60fps with everything on high or epic and running a 2560x1080 screen Kind of a bad time to get a new graphics card as you said with the RTX 20xx series Issues.
  8. Use a Lightning all the time to kill other wyverns and steal eggs. The trick is just just hang out near a cliff and melee them. (GET A GAS MASK) Same goes for stealing eggs. Steal a Egg and just hang out and let them come to you and wipe them all out at once. Ate a 160 Alpha last week no Issues. And they are great for killing Titanosaur's as well, never pass up the chance well worth the experience. Just hover and fire till close to no stamina, land nearby, rinse repeat, doing about 25k-30k damage before landing.
  9. You didn't state if this is a PvP or PvE rating because they are not the same especially with flyers. You need 2 lists not just one. I am gathering this is for PvP
  10. I am gathering these are unattended dino's. Otherwise you would have saw your food going down on them long before they died. You can always hand feed them pick up the food and destroy the trough and place a new trough. OR even taking them out for exercise tends to make them hungry. But you know if you leave a dino alone for a long time and ignore them they tend to get depressed. They stop laying eggs and stop eating they just want your attention. Is that so much to ask, think of the dino's.
  11. You also might want to consider just changing the day / night cycle times. Better to change that then force days on everyone because at that moment it was more convenient. Suggestion: Day Cycle Speed 0.5 Day Time Speed 0.5 Night Time Speed 1
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