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  1. On Center 60 we have Dedicated storage boxes in the swamp near green obi that have been there for 2 months... Kinda like the idea of a shorter decay time for them. Maybe only 31 days that ways its not such a pain. Plus every time I demo one I crash so there's no hope even after the demo time is allowed.
  2. Am I nuts or does the Shinehorn picture from Loloas Art Corner look not in game??? I think its mislabeled that looks like a paint shop job?? Otherwise that PC's graphic card is mad awesome.
  3. No anger just trying to list things that have been done to help. and you can make a breeding tower and save on space at the same time. This all depends on people's mentality but hey no worries.
  4. Cryopods, Cryofridges, Maewings, Incubator....is not enough? I ran my incubators and maewings on full tilt last weekend and got all my stats and a lot of my colors combined then stored the "desire-ables" in cryopods which are housed in cryofridges. Stored all the data on Ark Smart Breeder for easy reference. The game is only as hard as you make it. An on the base size - well mid-gamer life crisis maybe?
  5. I feel your pain but maybe some tribes will decide to move all their stuff there....oh wait....ouchie. Honestly, I will wait to transfer stuff for about a week or two just to not bog down the servers.
  6. Have you tried Ark Smartbreeder? It has saved me wonders remembering the stats. An I get it but its just too vague. They can enforce as they want sure its their game but if they do so willy nilly then players will become disenchanted with a potentially awesome game.
  7. I don't mind breeders but I should have mentioned that this is their 10th base on the map, my fault for leaving that out. An not little bases either. I don't mind breeders go for it, breed away I love seeing breeders enjoy their work. I remember recently someone got wiped for featherlights for having 50 out and the devs stating it was 50. I reviewed the CoC in reponse to your post and the numbers are removed. No 50 and no 100 unless I'm going blind. So whatever I guess we'll just have to deal or move to another game. This is not worth it if the devs are going to ignore players.
  8. I agree, and they should not ignore players who misuse/misplay the game. We have a base on our server with at least 50 jerboas of all colors hidden in a corner of the map. They are trying to build where no one goes to avoid being caught. They know they are doing wrong. WC does need to take a step back and solidify the game and make it flow better before it goes the way of Fall-Out 76.
  9. Ok so here's the thing. On our server we have found and reported tribes/players violating the CoC hard and causing issues for new players. We need help but none of our tickets have been answered. I understand WC is busy and have a lot on their plate but please answer tickets. These problematic tribes/players have been slowly taking over the map in a rapid pace and have shown little to no regard with other players. For instance, we were out taming a 150 Rhino and one player flew down and started kitting wilds to us. I had to pop my giga out of the pod and run patrol 6 times after clearing the area repeatedly. HINT: We are on PvE.
  10. Not to be a brat but I would like to ask why Maturation, egg hatching, and mating are no longer added into the rotations for "special events"?
  11. Any hope for a Maturation event???? Seriously a Giga baby is tons of time and I'm a busy person! Help a tribe out please!
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