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  1. Have you tried Ark Smartbreeder? It has saved me wonders remembering the stats. An I get it but its just too vague. They can enforce as they want sure its their game but if they do so willy nilly then players will become disenchanted with a potentially awesome game.
  2. I don't mind breeders but I should have mentioned that this is their 10th base on the map, my fault for leaving that out. An not little bases either. I don't mind breeders go for it, breed away I love seeing breeders enjoy their work. I remember recently someone got wiped for featherlights for having 50 out and the devs stating it was 50. I reviewed the CoC in reponse to your post and the numbers are removed. No 50 and no 100 unless I'm going blind. So whatever I guess we'll just have to deal or move to another game. This is not worth it if the devs are going to ignore players.
  3. I agree, and they should not ignore players who misuse/misplay the game. We have a base on our server with at least 50 jerboas of all colors hidden in a corner of the map. They are trying to build where no one goes to avoid being caught. They know they are doing wrong. WC does need to take a step back and solidify the game and make it flow better before it goes the way of Fall-Out 76.
  4. Ok so here's the thing. On our server we have found and reported tribes/players violating the CoC hard and causing issues for new players. We need help but none of our tickets have been answered. I understand WC is busy and have a lot on their plate but please answer tickets. These problematic tribes/players have been slowly taking over the map in a rapid pace and have shown little to no regard with other players. For instance, we were out taming a 150 Rhino and one player flew down and started kitting wilds to us. I had to pop my giga out of the pod and run patrol 6 times after clearing the area repeatedly. HINT: We are on PvE.
  5. Not to be a brat but I would like to ask why Maturation, egg hatching, and mating are no longer added into the rotations for "special events"?
  6. Breeding we miss having a variety on the weekends. For holiday the rotating colors are nice but some people exploit this and do 12 hour long egg stealing from Wyvern's spawn points. Also hair styles should be reinstated for new players/toons.
  7. Any hope for a Maturation event???? Seriously a Giga baby is tons of time and I'm a busy person! Help a tribe out please!
  8. Difference between Rexs' and dodos... I wouldn't take a dodo to a boss fight would you? And dodo's are super easy to tame. What you and many others are not getting are that they are trying_TRYING_ to prevent tame cap again. An you forgot my part of the previous quote that mentioned stats. So no I'm not telling you how to play the game and your not going to tell me, BUT, it is the game they made and they can adjust the rules as they see fit in order to prevent the stagnant kibble farms from coming back. By the way, some kibble farms were to much and eggs de-spawned because a lot of players were to bored with picking up eggs. My suggestion is that if you are going for a certain kibble have 10 of each of those critters out (while no different then having 50 dodos) will prevent the devs from thinking you are trying to cap the server with super easy tames. Get some dilos, they can be used as turrets, get some vultures to eat your rotten meat - breed them for cave runs but choose wisely for stats and/or color, how bout some lystrosaurus' - they have an added function for passive leveling your dinos when you pet them (however they are hard to see the eggs). So you can have as many simplistic and basic comebacks as you like but my answer reminds they same and here its even more simplistic for you: VARIETY! Go ahead I know your gonna have something to say.
  9. Its not naive its realistic. Use SmartBreeder for stats: select the best cryo the rest. For color? Dodos... Ok Maybe she likes dodos no problem but pick a few cryo the rest. Set a color scheme she wants to go for SmartBreeder also has a function for that I believe.
  10. I agree it was rash and they should have said "cryo them or get rid of them." But come on who needs 50+ lightpets? Or dodos for that matter? Some dinos are more useful to defend bases/offend against other tribes. But let pets? They are light bulbs ppl!
  11. Still close enough to tribe tame cap to wipe.
  12. This is my personal experience after playing this game for 3 years.
  13. They do not state it so they are not doing it yet or at all. With all the issues they are pluggin down it could be long as heaven to wait.
  14. We go on Boss fights weekly. We're doing one this weekend if the server doesn't go bonkers. The Ragnarok servers are difficult to change and will be the last they do as with everything.
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