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  1. The issue I'm having the way I'm doing it is I have a stud with 6 mutations. I breed with all my 0 must FEMS. A fem comes out with a mutation. But that fem now has the 6 mut score of the male .. I breed that fem with the stud and the baby now has 12 must score when it only has 6-7 mutations..
  2. All my females match my stud stat for stat base wise and level wise. This is how I always breed regardless. I won't start a breed line and will actually kill off a mutates baby until I have a boatload of FEMS with the same stats as my stud.
  3. That's the exact video I followed. I myself own a cluster of 4 servers which has grown extremely popular. They pretty much pay for themselves with donations. I believe its 0.15 mating cool down X20 egg hatch x15 maturation So its far from official. The issue I have with the current way is not only do you mess up the males mutation score quickly but getting the stats back onto a stud male can take ages. Ontop of that the atud gets so far away in levels and stats from the females it gets harder and harder then to top it off it the mutation chance gets halved. Currently I have around 60 0 mut females and 2 clean stud males. Haven't decided what direction I wanna go yet lol. I haven't bothered with stam as I found a level 135 with 2.4k stam so I'm just gonna wait til I'm done and breed it it. What would you advise I do? Separate HP and Melee or stick to my usual of mash breeding a constantly upgraded M with my fems?
  4. The way you say you do it is the way I think I have been doing it. Constantly upgrade the stud male with the mutations and spam breed with 0/0 females in hope Melee or HP gets a mutation. Then get that back on my stud and repeat. Taking no notice of the males mutation score.
  5. Hey guys, I know there are a million topics but this is slightly different. I was shown a very detailed YouTube video which I have followed, to be fair its done me well and I created some insane ankies and thylos. The way I have been doing it is like this, using Rex's as an ezample. Find a Good stat roll melee Good stat roll health Good stat roll Stam. Get all stats onto a stud male. Then get a huge amount of females all the same level and same stats as the male. Then I smash the stud male into the females until I get a mutation. If female I get the stat onto a new stud male and repeat. If it comes out as a male with all the stats plus the mutation Its an instant stud switch. The guide said that as long as I keep breeding my stud with the 0 mutation females then my stud can forever be mutated. So this is what I have been doing. Another guide I have just been shown has thrown a spanner in the works by saying to have a set of Rex's 1 stud and loads of females for each of the 3 stats, this way I just hope to get a male with the new mutation and switch the stud instead of constantly trying to breed all stats and the mutation back onto a stud. I'm torn as to what to do.... What I'm doing seems to work but its causing me to stress which may sound silly but I can't start with my Rex's until I know which route to go down. If watched hours upon hours of guides, as much as they are detailed they are still confusing as hell and there are certain parts they don't explain for idiots like myself, they explain in confusing ways. They also contradict each other constantly. Thanks for taking the time to help me. Extremely grateful.
  6. Hi again, Is there a way i can raise the imprint % per imprint so i can lower the amount of imprints a dino needs? Currently the setting you gave me has made it possible to imprint every dino however the headroom for error is really small. Have to pretty much hit every imprint within 30 seconds
  7. Thank you so much for your reply. Exactly what i was looking for. Simple for an idiot like me hahaha.
  8. I literally have no idea what you just said to me...... lol
  9. I know this has been discussed to death but i have spent hours trying to find the info im looking for that doesnt need me to be a math wiz. I own a cluster of servers on xbox and recently have decided to make the cluster more "breeder" friendly so i have upped the maturation rate to x15 however this has caused a few issues.... Like not being able to imprint dodo's and pteras as they mature too fast. Is anyone able to give me the actual settings i need to have in my server files please so i can just copy it? Basically want to be able to 100% imprint ALL dinos with a x15 Mature rate. Thank you so much.
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