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  1. Finally I started playing two 1080Ts in SLI in ARK. I figured out for a long time how to run a game on a multi-GPU system. However, it turned out that in this game mode there are not only "flame problems" that many have noticed. There is a more serious problem. The problem due to which there is no flame at all. Now I will try to explain in more detail. The game has something like "physical effects sprites". As I understand it, this is a fairly simple and primitive engine tool. With its help, we see sparks from fire, sparks from electricity, the effect of getting grains from berries, the effe
  2. But today I would like to talk about something else - about the problem.
  3. Let's talk about SLI again :) I haven't played games in the past couple of months. Instead, I tweaked the SLI for the games in my library. Yes, indeed, at the moment there is not much sense from the SLI. Although... Thanks to SLI, I was able to reduce the load on a separate GPU, so now my system is quiet. Like this! Suddenly! Needless to say, SLI is dead. There are still many games that already have or can be matched with a SLI profile. There are about 80% of such games in my collection. Unfortunately, among these games, almost everyone uses Directix 11 or lower. I found only 4 games that ar
  4. Yes you are right. Now it makes sense to assemble a computer with SLI only for enthusiastic purposes. Or for 4K in old games. By the way, yesterday I did some work with ARC. SLI in ARK gives an increase in frame rate - 70-75%. This, in my opinion, is not bad. However, the game is very poorly optimized for CPU usage. The game does not distribute the load on the cores, and often loads only one or two cores. In total, we have that when the 12 stream processor is loaded by 25%, the processor can no longer cope with the game, the video chip load delivers up to 20-30%, and the FPS falls below 30.
  5. I seem to have found some solution. Reinstalled the latest driver as a clean install. SLI works. Installed "Sli Compatibility Bits (DX10 + DX11): 0x080222F5" - the frame rate has not changed. The interesting thing is that now there are AFR lags. This is normal for SLI systems. In places where the frame rate drops below 30, AFR lags are already clearly visible. However, their presence confirms that the SLI mode is working. What do we have now! In places where the central processor copes with the load (for example, in a clean forest where there are no buildings), both video cards are loaded
  6. Although, maybe I'll try to use a very old version of the driver to test my hypothesis. In principle, if this helps to solve the problem, I am ready to leave the old driver, since this is the only game in the world of which I have been "living" in recent years
  7. Actually, I was very surprised by the performance level of 1080TI in SLI. Before that, I have never seen the second card give an increase of 80-100%. And with 1080Ti it is. I suppose that if 1080Ti worked in this game as they could, then the performance would not be much worse than 3080. Of course, on two cards it is always worth remembering about AFR lags, but if the frame rate is high, they are not be a problem. I just can't understand why the ARK refused from the SLI? Why are "tricks" not working with the inspector now? After all, the game does not use Direct12. API, engine and more - not
  8. Hello dear friends. I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed more than once. I do not often visit your resource. I would like to talk about using the SLI mode in this game. Foreword: I will note right away that I am not a beginner in the use of multi-GPU systems. I used them until the end of 2017. I know the features of setting up games for work on two video cards. Previously, there was not a game in my collection that I could not run in SLI. However, 3 years have passed, and 2021 has come. Many people know about the Nvidia inspector profile. There is a lot of
  9. Good day! I'm using driver 441.87. When using the existing (factory) SLI profile for the ARC game, both video cards are loaded only by 40-50%, there are AFR lags - in general, the performance is lower than with one video card. Changed the factory SLI profile as follows: Set the value of the parameter "Sli Compatibility Bits (DX10 + DX11): 0x080222F5" Now one of the cards is loaded by 60-80%, the other - 15-20%. The overall frame rate is slightly higher than with a single video card, however, it is still not high. At the same time, in this mode, there are no so-called AFR lags, which te
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