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  1. Hey everyone - we just wiped our cluster and are simply putting the word out. www.antisocialgamingclub.com discord.gg/asgc
  2. All, Putting together a pretty awesome 15x playing experience, 1k plus discord which is a sister operation of mine (ASGC) wipes in a few days it should be awesome, come check it out - you wont be disappointed https://discord.gg/KVKFyZUJJf
  3. All, We just started a new season in our Fibercraft PS4 Ark Community. 3/6/2021 was the wipe date. Come check it out. https://antisocialgamingclub.com/ https://discord.gg/DC97DvB
  4. **UPDATE** We have 4 servers now on the cluster and a small but growing discord with over 100 members. If you are interested in joining our community, please feel free to use this discord link and come check it out https://discord.gg/T57Pbqa, there are sections here in the discord that will teach you how to spawn dinos and stuff in single player and transfer it. Also we would love to add more maps if you own a server and want to join us I would be happy to help you with your server config. You can use our standard settings if you want so its wild and crazy with transfers, or we can
  5. ARK ANARCHY come blow off some steam server names Center - 50 slots - ANARCHY GOD/FiberCraft/Events/EpicDrops/StackMods Ragnarok - 60 slots - ANARCHY BOOSTED/FiberCraft/Transfers/Free Everything Valguero- 80 slots - ANARCHY BOOSTED/FiberCraft/Transfers/Free Everything Island - 20 slots - ANARCHY FIRE/FiberCraft/Transfers/EpicDrops/StackMods All, just promoting some public transfer servers that we have stood up - we have a good size player base, but I want to grow that. Raiding and PVP is highly encouraged. transfer over some of your crazy boosted dinos and fight with oth
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