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  1. So will we possibly see one or multiple Yutyrannus leading a small pack of Carnos similar to how Allos are in a pack?
  2. This nerf doesn't make me want to use land dinos more, plus there are things land dinos just can't do that fliers are essential for. I still used land dinos plenty more than fliers before the nerf. Fliers are essential in PVE for haul goods long distances in a reasonable amount of time and with how badly they've been nerfed, things are just going to become harder and more tedious for players to do, not harder in a fun way where it's a challenge you work hard at preparing for and use all the stuff you've learned to overcome it, but harder in the sense it's just a boring chore to get anything th
  3. Buttons551


    Wish they would add this to the game.
  4. Weird that no one has commented on the Giganotosaurus here.
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