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  1. I don't mind starting again, but will the ASA servers be sunset when Ark2 is eventually released would be my first question too.
  2. Official Servers: With the launch of ASA at the end of August, we will sunset all Official Servers on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC for ARK: Survival Evolved – at that time, the final save-datas from the ARK: Survival Evolved Official Servers will be uploaded for players to re-host on their own servers or play in singleplayer/non-dedi, as well as slightly earlier snapshots. You will still be able to play on single-player, non-dedicated, player-dedicated, and unofficial servers. YIKES!
  3. There's a 326 available right now on trading discords. I have my own line and will release at end of feb/mid-march with lvl 350.
  4. Well, at the start of 3x I did a quick test, with note and poop buff only, here were the results - Killing a 500 baby giga gave 189568 xp Killing a 250 baby carch gave 361664 xp I've been breeding stats together since, will be birthing a lvl 271 later this afternoon, and I have stats to add another 18 levels to that. These are clean ready for mass mutating and breeding. I'll release on some discords shortly after xmas.
  5. https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Breeding look at section 'Stats of the Offspring', that will explain Everything! Good luck!
  6. Hey, just incase you weren't aware, but killing a lvl 250 baby carchar gives way more xp than lvl 500 baby giga.
  7. So, I tamed a desmodus, and also imprinted a baby deinon, both tasks brought up the note book/animation/texts, and the note appeared in my notes/dossiers, however both notes still have the padlock icon on them - indicating that they are not 'found' yet. The desmo one has the tame check on it, the deinon doesn't. So not sure if it's working or if there's another note-note to find for these dinos.
  8. It ended up stealing your gear and selling it at the nearest pawn shop. It's now getting rebranded as opportunistichawk.
  9. NA-PVE/Genesis 602 down since around 8pm CST last night too.
  10. Genesis Official NA-PVE/602 has been down since just before the event ended. BM Genesis 602 We were lucky enough for it to return a couple times during event, but only got to play for maybe 1/3rd of the event rates. Don't care about current rates, just want server back up.
  11. Similar to prior posting, tribe member identified that it poofed immediately as it was tamed: NA/PVE/GenOne-602
  12. Looking at its legs and note, I think it lays in wait camoflaged like a flower then jumps up spinning like a helicopter and shoots a web net at its prey then lands on the prey and sucks the life out of it. Not looking forwards to this terror!
  13. After trying something for the first time tonight, quit incidentally. I figured out what the net is for. It fits around a gacha and squeezes it so that it can actually fit down a 2x4 opening for a large elevator! Bingo!
  14. I think it is a cloaking device / camouflage projector- basicly used to hide your structures so it appears that nothing is built around the device.
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