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  1. Similar to prior posting, tribe member identified that it poofed immediately as it was tamed: NA/PVE/GenOne-602
  2. Weird, in all my time playing ark I've never had to hold down the T button to transfer things. Not saying it shouldn't be fixed, but do filters+transfer all not work for you all? Don't burn, I'm truly just curious. Thanks.
  3. Last year during event most higher lvl wyverns could be fully raised with 1 or 2 milks. If you have a friendly server just ask around if anyone has a spare milk. We often have lots of leftovers ourselves for sure, and are happy to share.
  4. Chances are you hit a number on the numpad and changed your active dino group. Just press numpad 0 until it says 0 (and not 10).
  5. I placed one on Sunday no problem, was after 'accidentally' blowing up a windmill while playing with homing rockets - fun!. Connected a new wire from the new windmill to an existing old electric grid.
  6. Our official pve (Valg 548) is extremely unstable during this event, 45+ second freeze during server saves regular 5-15 second locks, and crash+rollback every few hours. Makes raising anything extra difficult and risky to fly anywhere too. Nothing to do with network as we can see other servers on same block are down after crash, and eventually return back with 0 or 1 players active.
  7. Got one leveled to 6 last night, still quite the grind. I think we ended on round 22 or 23. Thanks so much!
  8. Chili XP / qol Seems to me that the recent change to chibis not gaining xp from enraged Rex's is anti-QOL. Was there a specific reason why this was disabled other than "it was too easy to lvl a chibi"? I agree enraged Rex's are easy providing you have a mate boosted current statd giga fully imprinted to you. But if you are already at that point in the game then now having to run around looking for alpha-whatevers gets kinda tedious. I'd personally like to see enraged rexs give chibis xp again.
  9. Please encourage the dev's to find some way to separate pve and pvp mana behaviour. They are really used for two completely different purposes. I feel every mana nerf is just adding insult to injury within the pve world. Thank you!
  10. What you are failing to comprehend is that Chibi's ADD levels, similarly to how ascension ADDs levels So if you're presently at a max level of 105, and you level a chibi to lvl 2, your new max level is 106 (added 1 level). If you then did island ascension (adds 15 levels) your new max level is 121. If you then leveled your chibi to lvl 3 (adds another level) your new max is now 122. If you then did rockwell ascension (adds 15 levels) your max level is now 137. After that, your only option is to level a chibi to level 6 to max out your level-max at 140.
  11. Or jump off your pterra whip up egg and jump back on. Takes way less than a second. All you need are a m+f to start your kibble farm. Leave them on mating, hatch some eggs till you have some more females. Best time to do this is right now!
  12. Yes you can, but pterranodons are way much harder than a giga to kill using a mana.
  13. Only ever level melee Edit - unless it's only purpose is to gather meat. Then add wt if needed.
  14. What can't you do in 10 mins? Like unless you just started a boss, 10 mins is a lot of time to clean things up. Also there is always a server save during server shutdown. Seems some people just need an outlet for other issues going on in their life. Happy national cat day! Shesh.
  15. I'm beginning to think that the genesis experiment is such a hostile place that the only place that is viable to build is on or in the water. A base may have to keep moving in order to not gain the attentions of the hive, and you probably also need to re-situate your main resources in order to accomplish some of the missions. One thing is for sure, at least from the hlna notes is that primary building resources will be in short supply.
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