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  1. I occasionally play on my laptop that I bought last year when I was doing some travelling (gotta keep my pve home and dino family alive) - when I was shopping I knew I had to get discreet gfx, so picked up one with an internal nvidia mx150. I run it at reduced resolution and near-lowest quality settings for all graphics, and although it looks mostly terrible (compared to my desktop anyways), it does run quite smoothly, rarely dropping below 30fps. It's definitely worth investing at least a couple hundred $'s to get something that makes the game look half-decent and running smoothly (bar server lag spikes of course). Good luck!
  2. I had this happen once, during system boot my primary steam game folder drive didn't map. Reboot sorted it- and probs a warning that I should really get a replacement drive soon... still need to do that.
  3. Simply for the pleasure of watching the pvp folks whine and cry when they open up transfers and the meta changes to the new OP dino that is introduced. Then watch the pve folks whine and cry when the nerfs come in following the pvp crying. Support the development just for the entertainment of watching all that unfold!
  4. You're right, this topic only comes up once a month, it's about time for it this month. But let me present a few options, each of which would add some realism/dynamics to the game: For a change, I think the cap should be lowered to about 350 or 400. Sure this is a fantasy game, but if you look at the real world, we have been breeding since the start of humankind, but our stats haven't increased dramatically. So lets add a tiny bit more realism to the game. Either that, or, when a dino's mutation count is at or above 20 it is born sterile. Or perhaps even a more dynamic dino stat mechanic - each dino is born clean (mutation mechanic removed completely), it levels normally, but there is a 'live' mutation based on what you use the dino for - the more you attack with it, melee get's the occasional bonus point, the more you carry (burden) it with, weight will get an occasional bonus, the more it runs out of stam, stam gets a point, if it goes underwater a lot oxy gets a point, and so on. If they sit around on the couch doing nothing, points are transferred from their other stat to their food stat. This last option will also automatically have the added bonus of giving dino's a lifespan, as once they reach the dino level cap, they die!
  5. OP indicated Valg, which is what my response is referring to. For all the times we've done gamma and beta arena's on valguero, only the manticore kill transferred element to dino, to get any other element we had to pull from the inventory of the bosses corpse every time. We've done maybe 20 or so arena runs on valg to date.
  6. Except for manticore- we always have to access the corpses inventory to get the element. Even with the killer dinos inventory near/at empty.
  7. Actually, I'd like to see this taken a bit further, cos filling an ankey (or doed for that matter) to it's weight-related shutoff happens very quickly. What I'd like to see instead is the ability to whistle attack this target on harvestable resources (bushes/trees/rocks/metal nodes/clams/etc.) so that you can black-weight your ankey/doed/beaver or whatever harvester you're carrying at that time.
  8. have you tried just going up to and using the 'f' key?
  9. Honestly, I'd pay that much just for the chance to dance around with the Genesis blades, I see all the other content as being a bonus!
  10. What they are not telling you - it's probably just a skin for the raft/motorboat.
  11. WitchesTwex


    Honestly, I think a lot of the lag and rubberbanding is due to their netcode. As this game is built on a specific platform I doubt anyone is dedicated to working on that code, let alone optimizing it explicitly for ark. I think however if they did dedicate the right resources to this then it would enhance the end user experience dramatically, and possibly even allow them to cleanly run more server instances per hardware instance. What I mean by netcode is the communications and processing layers between client and server. What is sent, when is it sent. And where are decisions made, and verified.
  12. Have not had similar issues on pc/official. Raised some otters and thyla's over the weekend - no problem transitioning from inventory to trough, along with some baby basilos that just turned juvi yesterday. All are eating food at a normal rate, both in and out of render, and with all offline tribe members.
  13. I think exactly the same could be said for pvp. Might make more sense actually. Then the kiddies wouldn't complain that an op dung beatle wiped their entire base. Just spawn in a new base, then spawn in whatever dinos you want to do battle with whomever you want!
  14. I think they have to look st the things that unbalance pvp. And if you ask me, and from what I've heard, the majority of it comes due to stacking bred dino stats, and mutations. I'd propose the 'fix' could simply be to disable all breeding on pvp servers completely. This should dramatically, and perhaps drastically, level the playing field.
  15. That 'LavaCave' cave has flier access on Official. Just take an argie, or pterra.
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