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  1. that is the same thing To make the kibble you need a extra large eggs And there is only 1 that produces them on ab
  2. Check it out , U want that 150 spino No Kibble for you! You want that bad ass 150 Karkinos R.i.p again No kibble for you . But you say there is Kibble. Yea Only Basilisk Egg makes their kibble. everyone know How often dose a Basi spawn a egg ? out of the 10 basi that i have i got 4 egg in a month! (epic fail) Exceptional Kibble = Fail on Ab Makes a 6 man team needed to be a 12 man team.. cause now to make this kibble You have to have another server that has these Dinos. We all know as pvper's the minute you log off is the end of your base. I know the whole idea is to reduce our kibble farms to help with server lag. they tried with cryo! cryo= Greatness. then came the Mashers more .....they want these tames! So everyone Stopped cryo anymore unless they moving servers or raiding . Then came back the lag A to fix this would be make basi easier to tame b abberation only tames like Diplodocus ,trikes, C make basi crap out eggs left and right
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