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  1. Just wonder if there is a way to find or track a lost skiff. The Server crashed while i was in Lunar. We had a a 30-45min roll back on our server and my skiff disappeared. The roll back happens often around the same time at night due to Chinese dupers. How i know this is because the chat all of a sudden gets spammed with boxes and poof goes the server and It just keeps happening everynight around the same time. The serve its self isn't too bad but the duping at night is bad. I searched all of Lunar from the bottom to the Top side to side and did not find a single skiff. Multiple people ha
  2. Does the Volcano eruption on Genesis destroy the hover skiff if its inside when it erupts? Searching online for answers but no luck.
  3. Is a Anky still superior to farming Shards than using a Mining Drill on Genesis. I think they did some changes a while back but i don't really remember.
  4. This is good info. Has anyone experimented with trying the find the soft dmg cap for farming element shards on Genesis?
  5. Anyone know what the Ankylosaurus soft/hard cap for dmg is . Want to put points into weight but would like to know the dmg soft/hard cap first.
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