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  1. Did u found any solution i m taking this crash every hour
  2. Killing Dino in a Minute They coming with railgun or something like that in mesh and killing all dino in a minute please fixed that poop. We lost 300 dino with all server thats enough!! Fix that issue or please work on mesh for Center Ice Cave fix ice cave mesh. Still continue that issue last week they came under the artifact and destroyed all war room. We lost so much materials. Check That ScreenShot https://gyazo.com/c4696d297630a6465b95cb71cbce7499https://gyazo.com/c4696d297630a6465b95cb71cbce7499
  3. Ok meshing it isnt fixed %100 but on small tribes teaming not allowed right ? Check the small tribes genesis server 98 they attacking with 12 ppl and aimbot. We defending 6v12 how is it normal ? Where s the devs ? They r not working https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/1646304 I created 3 days ago for railgun issue. but no one responding.
  4. Genesis Big Lunar Cave easy Mesh Spot Hello, On the genesis map big lunar cave has a easy mesh spot u can get in easily. Today got meshed we lost 100 dino because of mesh. How is it possible that? Didnt u say wildcard mesh is fixed. Where is the fixed ? Wildcard dont give any new map just fixed everyting.
  5. evkali

    Spawning Karkinos

    Spawnin Karkinos Hello I'm playing on SmallTribes Genesis Map and my base in lunar. I have issue with lunar i have a base, i have a spawn there but wild animal they can still spawning in my base. Always Karkinos spawning in base i can collect resource under my foundation. Genesis has spawn issue. Can u guys interesting with this.
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