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  1. ORP Server on 24 Hr Cluster Please remove the offline raid protection on the PS4 Prim+ Aberration server. This is the only server with ORP on a cluster of 24 hr servers. This is a direct violation of fair gameplay.
  2. It has been two weeks and we are still unable to use forges. We can't create brick or steel. The only strong materials we have for building, of course. And once again we did not get the full holiday event. We had the breeding rates (for less time than all the other servers because our servers were down) but no colorful dinosaurs or candies.
  3. Please remove the offline raid protection from PS4 Prim+ Abberation. It gives a ridiculously unfair advantage to the Ab players. It’s unfair to have one server that is protected while they are offline while the rest of us have to rely on our defenses.
  4. Well, let’s talk about this update that was supposed to fix everything. Brick structure has disappeared entirely. For most Prim+ players this means our entire bases are gone. Wild dinosaurs are spawning in our base territory and enemy tribes can lure tamed dinos away with little to no effort. I’d also like to know why PS4 has one offline raid protected server in a cluster of normal servers? This gives a ludicrously unfair advantage to players on the offline raid protected server. I think the offline raid protection should be removed or transferring in and out of that server should be removed. I hope we will get an extension on the event that the rest of the official players had because our servers have either been offline or so broken that there’s literally no point.
  5. All drops on the official Primitive+ PvP servers have been broken since November. There are no drops in the loot caves and no supply drops on the main map. Bees and bee hives do not spawn correctly. Players are exploiting a glitch that will get you a hive, but there is no bee. If they break, they’re gone. Thyla cats are no longer spawning. Wyverns and Rock Drakes have also been broken since November. Males rarely spawn, females don’t spawn at all and eggs do not spawn. We did did not receive the promised holiday event. No Raptor Claus and no holiday colors. We have paid for the same content as the other official server players but are continually let down by the lack of action taken to fix such glaringly huge issues.
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