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  1. doedoe

    What do you guys think?

    What do you guys think of a shape changer creature on the Ark? I would think that it would be amazing, like if it was attacked by a raptor it then changes it self to a rex to scare away the raptor. And then when the raptor is gone he could change again to its normal state. He would only change when he feels that he is in danger. I really want to see that. And when you tame it their is a special saddle for it that costs lots of materials but it is gonna be worth it because you can change into different creatures. And just like the Gacha has a variaton of resources that it can drop it is the same with the shape changer. and you can breed them. Instead of resources there are gonna be creatures. And just like the Gacha´s they can breed for different creatures. the stats are always gonna be the same for every creature. This would be awesome to see. And I like it when you guys are gonna work on the designs, animations and all that other stuff like spawn locations
  2. At wich level do you learn the dedicated storage? Or do you need to learn it by killing one of the bosses?
  3. doedoe

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    TEK DINOS GIVE ELECTRONICS AND METAL NOW. Now just waiting until it comes to console
  4. doedoe

    What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

    Rock drakes is one of the best creatures added to aberration. Its so useful, can climb glide and turn invisible, has a lot of weight and is good for surface drops. My second favourite is th tapejara, its so cool it can hang up to walls, has two passengers seats and is fast. Basically I just love climbers. So the megalania an Thylacoleo are favourites as well.
  5. doedoe


    I have a question. Is there a game.ini for xbox one on singleplayer?
  6. Why you guys are not making s+ an official mod like primitive plus?
  7. This is on the wiki: Tek Dinos Gave tek dinos a death harvesting inventory more fitting to a robot (basically from hides/meat -> electronics/metal scraps) Edit: So are you gonna add this as well
  8. doedoe


    Thats normal. Argentavis saddles works like a smithy
  9. doedoe

    Multiple SP

    thanks a lot everyone!!!
  10. doedoe

    Multiple SP

    is this for pc or console or for both? because i am playing on xbox?
  11. doedoe

    Game Suggestion List

    ropebridges would be nice between tree and cliff platforms
  12. doedoe

    Multiple SP

    can i have multiple single player worlds at once
  13. can not wait until the updat is live
  14. doedoe

    TLC #3

    Wich creatures do you guys think that need a TLC? I think the megalania needs a TLC
  15. doedoe

    rope bridges

    yes but i play on xbox so I can´t install mods on there