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  1. Crossplay xBox Playstation? If i had an xBox and a friend got playstation is it possible to play together?
  2. TEK DINOS GIVE ELECTRONICS AND METAL NOW. Now just waiting until it comes to console
  3. Rock drakes is one of the best creatures added to aberration. Its so useful, can climb glide and turn invisible, has a lot of weight and is good for surface drops. My second favourite is th tapejara, its so cool it can hang up to walls, has two passengers seats and is fast. Basically I just love climbers. So the megalania an Thylacoleo are favourites as well.
  4. I have a question. Is there a game.ini for xbox one on singleplayer?
  5. This is on the wiki: Tek Dinos Gave tek dinos a death harvesting inventory more fitting to a robot (basically from hides/meat -> electronics/metal scraps) Edit: So are you gonna add this as well
  6. thanks a lot everyone!!!
  7. is this for pc or console or for both? because i am playing on xbox?
  8. can i have multiple single player worlds at once
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