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  1. I did not do a test run on an official server, but ill make sure to and ill report what happens after. (also our mods consist of : Pearl converter, Personal Waypoints, Pokeballs - Dino storage (2.6.3 Beta), No collision Structures, Structures Plus (S+), Death Recovery Mod (v1.10.2) So i went on an official server and the problem wasnt present, however, if it is on the servers end it doesnt explain why out the 5 people actively on the server the problem only occurs for me which is why this issue is so complicated. All evidence points to the problem being on the servers side, while im the only one experiencing this issue.
  2. I've been having an issue lately and I was wondering, and hoping, if someone could help me. I've been having an issue where the server thinks I am at a certain position while my client thinks I am at another position, leading me to believe it's a Desync issue. However, with most games the server will actively update your position causing rubberbanding, but for me it doesn't update, leaving me in a constant state of limbo where my client believes I am at one place and the server believes I am at another. This sometimes happen immediately when i spawn in, but usually occurs when mounting any tamed dino. When mounting a dino my client doesn't recognize me as on the dino, while the server does. I'll be able to perform basic actions except for moving on the dino. This is all taking place on my friends unofficial server. I've tried multiple things like reloading the server, we enabled raw sockets, and checked for any "exaggerated values." Im open to any options that may help fix this issue. At the moment this is making the game borderline unplayable, because of the extreme desync, and it not updating my position, i am unable to interact with any objects and when im trying to mount a dino it shows my character model standing next to the dino, while my actual character on the server side is riding the dino. The server has a moderate ping of around 20 and can occasionally spike to 50 or so. This only occurs on our unofficial server and I am the only one experiencing this I really hope this gets some kind of attention as the game is unplayable for me and i really enjoy the game and wish to get back to playing with me friends.
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