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  1. Hey folks. So on my Xbox One I have been playing since day one of the Winter Wonderland event and have NEVER seen a Gacha Claus anywhere. I am playing on Rag but have also checked my games on The Island and The Center and cannot find one. I have tried single player and PVE. Also I have searched through all the parasaur spawning areas with zero luck. I decided to choose two areas that seem to be more heavily populated by parasaurs. First spot eliminated all parasaurs so that perhaps it will enable a Gacha spawn. No luck. Second area eliminated all dinos except for parasaurs and also no luck. Now I do get Raptor Claus and have gathered lots of gifts but without a Gacha Claus cannot do anything with the mistletoe or coal and have tried the smithy and cooking pot just to make sure with no luck there either. Feeling very frustrated and would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you.
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