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  1. Dedicated ragnorak on consoles

    Why shouldn´t they be able to? From a question of map size, not land mass, using a 24k scan radius and a 10% overlap: TheIsland breaks up into 588 chunks TheCenter breaks up into 2940 chunks Ragnarok breaks up into 980 chunks Found that on steam-forums. Seems the center is still the biggest map and that map can be hosted on consoles
  2. Tame times are too high

    Gotta love player dedi with 15x taming speed Less time spend standing and watching a stupid bar go up in inches and more time spend gathering material for pvp action. To each their own
  3. I opened up a primitive+ island server 3 days ago and so far it's still running. No Dino wipes. No solution but at least my players can play the game.
  4. Release Seriously

    Can someone translate?
  5. find the problem instead of complaints

    I never activated/used the new settings for my server and it didn´t load in regardless after the update What I don´t get is, why not just take away that update again and patch us back to an update before where everything worked ok, then work on that update and figure out what is wrong with it and after finding a solution for that problem roll out that update again. I now that you can patch something back to an older stage. Full release my arse! I don´t know how that would be even possible in 2017 regarding to all the problems the game has. WC said after the alpha phase (the content adding phase) the beta phase will begin (the bug fixing phase). Sooooooo, we had a 2 months beta? That is clearly NOT enough for a beta phase!!!!!! Other games are in beta for years to be able to fix all bugs and problems. And that with high manpower (which WC don´t have). So again, how can this game be a full release in August???? How can the discversion be bugfree with that little time after the alpha stage? How can WC think that we pissed players are not spreading the word to others to NOT buy Ark in the current state because the game is a mess and unplayable? I had at least 4 friends asking me if they should buy Ark when it is released (they don´t buy games in early access cause they don´t like unfinished products). Guess what my answer was.... exactly "Dude, you better wait a little more cause at the moment, you don´t see me playing Ark like you used to be don´t you?", that was 2 weeks ago. If they would ask me now I would probably answer them to not ever get that game cause the game will never be bugfree if it gets treated like it is now. Sorry for the rant but I had to get that out of my system now.
  6. Try out Fortnite It felt kinda sad after 10+ days not being able to play but now? Now it´s just pathetic. Way to ruin a big part of your userbase WC...good job!
  7. This is really getting rediculous! I lost 90% of my server community because they can't play the game. 3 of 30 are left and are hoping it will get fixed soon. I'm afraid I will loose them also within the next week if no fix is there. I don't care if WC had no time because of the disc release! How about they delay the disc? They never had problems delaying patches. And the disc will have the same stupid problem!!! People will buy the disc, try to host and after a week server crash. How a gamebreaking problem is not a priority is beyond me......
  8. Xbox Dedicated Server Issues

    1. ENGLISCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forumssprache ist ENGLISCH und nicht Deutsch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Wenn Du schon meinst Deutsch schreiben zu müssen dann lerne doch bitte auch Deutsch! Schon mal was von Punkt und Komma gehört? Satzbauweise? Muss man sich ja schämen aus dem gleichen Land zu kommen. Translation: Don´t even bother with it, dude can´t even form a proper sentence in his own language. He just has the black screen bug which goes away after logging in again.
  9. I can't play single player without cheating.

    Nothing beats my lvl 1234239052348 Frog!! That guy one licked gigas all day long I love to mess around in singleplayer with cheats, playing god is always fun
  10. lol, just lol. That wasn't even an eta in the beginning. That's kinda pathetic tbh
  11. Other question, will this issue have an impact on the ragnarok release if it hasn't been fixed by then?
  12. Ragnarok is not on xbox yet and this is a xbox specific topic in the xbox forum section. Please post that issue on the PC forum section to get help/info, thank you.
  13. Patching For Dummies

    It´s your server so you are an admin right? Make a new character -> cheat XP until you reach the level you want -> cheat to get all your dinos and structures back. For the players on your server you can do the same for them, cheat XP for them, join their tribe and cheat claim their stuff to give it back to them. Cheat back into your own tribe. Not the best solution cause it´s a lot of work but it´s a solution for your problem
  14. I'm sharing already
  15. Yup, and on top of that, 12 wasted days of xbox live gold that we had to pay for to be able to host Ark on that xbox (not even play it, just to host it).