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    Starting fresh on official, looking to form a tribe of new friends. Looking for adult players with some experience that play with microphone and want to have a good time.

  • Open Tribe  ·  37 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to The Deathstalkers, you can play with us by joining the PS4 community : Ark Survival Evolved Tribe - The Deathstalkers. Here a small summary: This tribe is for players who want to have a lot fun with other players. If you are ready to play just type a message in the community and ask the other players respectfully to play with you. If you are too noisy in the community you will be kicked. Cheers Blumbo12

  • Open Tribe  ·  189 members  ·  Last active

    not doing this don't have time I don't even play ark anymore

  • Open Tribe  ·  32 members

    Starting on a Ragnarok PvP Server. Looking for Experienced players to join us on the grind to alpha. Planning on building big.

  • Open Tribe  ·  3 members

    I am currently a solo player on ragnarok PvP, looking for experienced players who know how to play the game. message me on PSN if you want to join, i will give you the server name. PSN- grifboy37

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