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  1. Sooo this is cool....but how about an event?
  2. Why do you guys disclude console in everything. Conquest? Classic pvp? (Wasn't a fan of conquest but Classic pvp is a brilliant idea)
  3. Ark on the ps4 is in dire need of a new official PvP cluster to play on. It's been a a long time since small tribes released. The introduction of Classic PvP on PC would be a great idea to bring to console to revive, and refresh the community. If not Classic PvP, a new cluster of any kind to bring back Ark players who have quit and add an interesting new fresh cluster. I really like the concept of classic however as it greatly mixes up the meta but I've heard people say "it won't come to console, console can't support 25 man tribes". And "conquest didn't come to console, what makes you think Classic will?" This I do not believe is true because on official people play in mega tribes. Please add a new cluster to ps4/console.
  4. Is there any plan on bringing Classic PvP to console?(Ps4) Console needs a fresh cluster to play.
  5. Hey, I was wondering when the PS4 Arkpocalypse servers are going to wipe. I know for a fact its been 30 days because last month i started on the 25th and the server was on something around day 50. The wipe timer says 25 days but I know every time there is an update the timer resets to 30. So is that when wipe is or what day? I apologise if this is in the wrong area I am new to the forums.?
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