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  1. While I’m thankful for 2x breeding, the fact that we switch players have to settle for the old 1x everything else during the week is discouraging. All they would have to do is alter the rates like they used to but they can’t even be asked to do that.
  2. My friend is somehow banned from survivetheark.com on his phone. My coworker can use survivetheark.com just fine on his computer. But when he tries to bring it up on his phone he gets the attached screen saying he’s banned. He has never had a forum account and doesn’t know why he would be banned. He’s not banned in game or anything. Does anyone know a fix where he can view this site?
  3. I didn’t do anything special. I play on the Switch version so it may be different than current versions.
  4. There has been zero official response to countless inquiries about this for over a year. I take that to mean no.
  5. Killed a titanosaur with an Argy in official pve today. 3 hours of SCREEE SCREEEE SCREEEEEE SCREEEE! Only got one level out of it lol. Underwhelming. But now I can check that off the list. Whats the silliest thing you’ve wasted time on in ark?
  6. The game plays fine. As long as you can accept the poor frame rate, poor graphics, no dlc, and near abandonment by wildcard.
  7. @Logan96 I play in an official pve server with ORP. It’s very nice. But OP’s complaint was being away for a decent period of time; a long vacation etc. Thats where you either have tribemates or you’re in an unofficial server or you’re boned.
  8. The issue isn’t that if they’re unridden they’re bad. Somebody has to ride at least one to keep the bug boost going. As long as somebody keeps it going they’re nuts. As long as everyone gets on their rexes ASAP and starts attacking I think you should be fine.
  9. Official is not for people who have normal lives.
  10. Since there are no moderators to take care of this sub I guess I’ll point out that this is the Nintendo Switch sub. You won’t get help here.
  11. mattj


    Not at this time. And most likely never.
  12. Recently someone built very close to my base. I needed to expand. So I politely asked them to move their thatch foundation and forge. They laughed and threw down a few more foundations. so I built a throw away base right next to their base with dozens of behemoth gates Suddenly they were willing to remove their foundations. Try that.
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