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  1. 4 means 4 wild at any time. Though I haven’t read that anywhere. It’s like how there are only ever so many wild gigas on the island.
  2. I always build near Theri spawns because I want easy access to theris. Put up gates and spikes ASAP, and keep your dinos back a bit from the gates and you’ll be fine. It takes forever for them to break through. Once you tame a decent one and give it a good saddle you won’t even fear gigas.
  3. It’s more efficient to find and breed a huge herd of sheep than to tame one decent Theri and run around for 20 minutes chomping to slot cap with hide?
  4. On official I use a single imprinted saber with 4000 HP maybe 500 Melee and a 75 saddle to clear the path and maintain stone bridges so I don’t have to jump over anything. As long as you have enough HP to survive rabies it’s easy.
  5. What he means is Rexes are not ideal for dragon. People still do it, but you’ll need to really research, watch videos, and be fully prepared or you’ll get your ass kicked.
  6. Thank you for catching that. It is Delecate. It’s been several months since I’ve had to make saddles.
  7. In my experience with all the island bosses up to alpha and the gamma overseer on official, you ought to be fine with those 12 Rexes against gamma monkey. Just get a decent pig and watch the videos so you know to back up after warping in so you don’t fall off the bridge. Rexes are great for monkey because it can’t knock them around like it did my theris. But if you want to move up to Beta you really ought to max out at 18 Rexes plus a yuty and a pig just to be careful. And for Alpha the difference is fairly extreme. You’ll need to be very prepared.
  8. Yeah it was like, 1 yuty, 3 Rexes, and 16 theris. The rest of my tribe liked Rexes but I trained like 40 theris so we mainly used theris.
  9. Just so it’s said, Theris are definitely superior to rexes when it comes to the dragon. They’re nearly invincible with 21000 hp, 80+ saddles, and a couple stacks of veggie cakes. When my yuty died things went to poop and several theris ended up in the lava but they survived because they kept healing themselves. Rexes alone really need a pig to heal them fast.
  10. Yes to both. Keep the yuty close to the other dinos when being attacked by dimos and pts and distant from the other dinos when it comes time for the dragon to land. Had the raptorer land right on top of my yuty once and pin it. God damn full week of imprints gone because a fat ass dragon landed on it.
  11. Official PVP. We used a few Rexes mixed in with our Theri army. They had 100ish saddles with 30,000 HP and only 500 or 600 melee. They survived all the gamma bosses and most Beta. But got very bloody or died on the Alphas. We didn’t use pigs.
  12. A Therizino with a lot of Power levels using the chomp attack on 1x official would gather around 150 hide from most medium and large dinos. Ten medium sized dinos is 1500 hide. You can chomp while running. I would slot cap in a matter of 20 minutes I guess? That’s how I gathered many many thousands of hide for saddles.
  13. On official PvP I would take down L150 alpha raptors with a junk wild L130+ crop tamed Theri with an engram saddle and a bunch of levels in melee. Once I got good Theris with 100% imprint, 21,000 HP, around 600 melee, and an 80+ saddle I wouldn’t hesitate taking on 3 or 4 alpha raptors or carnos at once and would barely take any damage. I would make sure to leave them on Neutral so if I got stunned or something dumb they would kick all their asses even without me. Probably more quickly.
  14. That’s crazy. I can’t find any velonosaurs in our Switch version of the game. Where are you finding them?
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