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  1. Nope. Once tamed the level is the level. For future reference, if that happens raise its HP and wake it back up then knock it out again. That’ll reset its taming percentage and progress.
  2. I’ve given up hope. But others are curious if there will be any new information on dlc for the Switch.
  3. Thanks for the advice! We brought 1 Meg, 18 Theri, and a Yuty. No cakes. Took like 2 minutes and barely took a 16th of damage.
  4. First time gamma Broodmother advice: Official pvp. We’ve got 5 high tame and imprinted Megatherium with primitive saddles. We’ve also got more than 20 theris with 21,0000 HP 450 melee and 85+ armor saddles. One Rex with 20,000 HP and 400+ melee and a 80+ saddle. Oh and an imprinted Yuty with a primitive saddle. We are gonna watch as many vids as we can fit in tonight. But do you guys have any advice for what we should bring or do? Looking specifically for armor etc.
  5. You should feel grateful when the ground starts flickering. It gives you time to find a safe place before the dc. It’s the times when the game dcs out of the blue with no warning while you were flying over a wild giga that will make you rage...
  6. On official it really is a 2 man job at least. One person must watch the torpor at all times because it drops insanely fast when it starts to fall. The other sets defenses/gets the taming food/keeps watch/etc
  7. One high level bary OR multiple high level wolves. Either can work in *most* caves. We use high level frogs and sabers with 75 armor saddles for the Swamp Cave.
  8. Y’all got some real assholes on your servers. I lead the alpha tribe in our official PvP server on Switch. All solos and tribes are either allied or friends. We all help each other and defend each other from cross server threats. We are allied with alphas in many other servers. Most of us hand out free tools from alphas and a starter set of stone building pieces to new players that demonstrate they’re friendly and want to play in peace too. Maybe you should look for a more friendly server.
  9. So the event appears to be running for the Switch right now. Many people are reporting half times for raising etc. I want to thank you developers for including us for ONCE. But your execution and communication has been piss poor. How long is it gonna last? What does it include? Does it affect anything else? NOBODY KNOWS BECAUSE YOU WONT raptorING ACKNOWLEDGE WE SWITCH PLAYERS EXIST.
  10. So not only do we Switch players not get Valguero, nor do we get the summer event, we don’t even get an evo event... We will never buy anything produced by you or your related studios again.
  11. How about LAG as base defense? People lag HARD at my base. Seems it would be hard to beer run across my big open courtyard if you’re getting 2FPS but my heavies and autos and X are all firing just fine.
  12. How the bob probably wouldn’t think about those things when defending his base. But it’s true they’re a part. I think diplomacy is a huge part of why I’ve never been raided. Not all of it. But it’s significant. I’ve got eyes watching all the time and allies throughout my server and others. Good contribution.
  13. Luckily they’ll likely never update my version of Ark. Stinks for most people though. Anyone got any other examples?
  14. Base defense ideas people may not have thought of: There are many different things you can do to defend your base. Some include auto turrets/x, gates/spikes/vault walls, aggressive dinos, traps, and many more. Some are simple. Some are complex. Some are well known. A few are not. What are some base defense ideas that you use or have seen that most people probably wouldn’t think to use? One example I could give is how my base has a complete vault wall around it. It even protects the front door. I did this by building a stone door structure and roof barely separate from the actual base in front of my actual front door. I placed the vault on top of this structure and stuck C4 inside the door. Should they destroy the separate door the C4 explodes blowing the separate roof dropping the vault in their path. Not fool proof, but it does work and will slow them more than not having a vault there.
  15. What source do you have for this? I’ve been looking for months and found nothing suggesting they’re going to release or update anything for the Switch version.
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