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  1. Hey how about some fkn warning when you are going to randomly add 2x Breeding on an Evo Even, I just lost the last care on my doedi you jerks
  2. LOL 2 PvE servers for Oceanic players and 0 for Asian Players so they have to play on the 2 Oceanic Servers , that's room for 140 total players for an entire region. Fkn idiots
  3. Seriously? 1 Week and no 2x Taming for Event Colours?
  4. They can get a steady cash flow and better servers all in 1 action. Offer Premium Servers for a fee, $10 local a Month. It will weed out the noobs who play for a day and quit, it will provide a steady cash stream and they will be able to afford better servers.
  5. So old kibble no longer works? Just tried to tame an Argie with Stego Kibble and 0.5% per kibble and taming bonus dropped 15% each kibble?
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