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  1. I think this is only on ps4 sadly.
  2. Myrm, Sorry, it has only been a month but it feels like a while. Are you dealing with this bug?
  3. PLEASE FIX THE PS4 SETTINGS RESET BUG!!! Everytime I reload into ark everything resets except for my worlds, all my multipliers and options have been reset to default which is extremely annoying as I play on specific multipliers to make it balanced for me to play. So please make this your priority and fix it because me and many other players have been dealing with this stupid bug for a month, preventing us from playing Ark ps4...
  4. I completely uninstalled ark and then went through the 50gb download to see if this would fix and sure enough it still resets everything.
  5. Settings and whistle bug and a change. The first issue is that when ever I load into ark my settings reset to default, including options like gamma to world settings like difficulty level. No matter what I do it just resets everytime I close application and load back into it. The other bug I'm experiencing is when every I hold the circle button on ps4 and move to any command, without even activating the command it just does the command 'whistle follow one' which is super annoying hearing double whistle all the time or if you want to stop a dino but it keeps on whistling to keep following. The last change the I have found is that before genisis I would be able to hold l1 and r1 to automatically go to my fists, but now when I try it it just does a melee action with the tool you are holding. And my last question which I'm not sure is a bug is how do you scan creatures with HLNA on Genisis ps4? Does anyone know if the two bugs (mainly the first one) is getting fixed and what happened with the l1 and r2 swap to fists controls? These are all my issues.
  6. FJones256

    Settings bug

    I have the same issue.
  7. Maybe try and do a dino wipe, search up on youtube how to do a wild dino wipe and that might work
  8. This same bug was happening all day today and it's so annoying, are you also getting a bug where everytime you reload back into ark it resets all your settings.
  9. I just purchased ark genisis on ps4 aswell and this stupid big keeps happening aswell to me where everything resets. Also I was just playing a server with my friend (because I cant play local as my settings keep resetting) I was experiencing that whistle bug as well which on top of me not being able to play genisis on my own world is super annoying. I contacted studio wildcard and they replied but did not tell me if they would fix it or not. I really hope this gets fixed soon.
  10. Ark console (ps4) has so many bugs, everytime there is an update I hope for you to fix the bugs but no. When ever I explore the map and then leave the game it does not save my physical map of the parts I have explored so my map starts off new again, also when crafting I cant see the materials I need to craft something, someone pls tell me what I need to do to fix this unless this is a bug.
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