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  1. Server is back up, thanks!
  2. @lilpanda you guys finally get this server working, we move back ONTO the server after letting all of our hard work there decay.... and you roll the server back a week and lock it out again? I’m tired of losing crap. Take care of this.
  3. 962 still locked for transfer Hey Fellow Arkers, The server I play on has been locked out for transfer since the beginning of time it feels. I've decided to open a forum post about it. The servers population is dwindling, and we've begun to lose our faith in the Devs. We've contacted the server hosts, and it's gotten us nowhere. Now, I leave it in your hands fellow ark survivors. I need your help to keep this post alive and on top. HOPEFULLY, this will help open the Dev's eyes to the horrific tragedy that has befallen my server. If you'd like to help support this movement, simply follow the post, leave a comment. Anything is worth a shot. Thanks, Heart Broken Supporter
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