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  1. Based on a quick scan of the active topics, I would suggest the game content is currently okay, but the lag time, the dino glitches, and the difficulties connecting to the servers are an issue. From a personal experience, I wish there were a way to 'abandon' a server, and a cap on how many people can be 'registered' to a server. Yeah, there is a 70 person limit on official servers, but that is for people actually logged in at any one moment. Ideally, when you look at a server you want to know registered users. For instance, if there are 100 registered users, it's probably a tight community of folks. If I join the server, there will be times when no one else is on to help me- or there will always be a couple people on, but not enough for large group assaults. If there are 500 people registered to the server, I may have trouble finding a spot to plop down my noob hut, get resources, or find good quality dinos to tame. (These numbers are abstract to illustrate the point; in actuality they are probably higher). The second reason for this suggestion is that people often try numerous servers before finding one they like. All the servers show up in the server list as having active survivors, which can be gotten around in Steam's interface until you reinstall the program and have to remember which servers you actually still care about. If you can register to a server, you need to be able to deregister a server, which would remove all dinos and structures with your ID attached, allowing others to claim your old territory sooner. This would allow longer decay timers again on pve servers, letting members of small to medium tribes go on summer vacation or simply spend christmas with family without them harping about how "you're always checking on those dinos, spend some time with real people for a change". A vacation timer would also be a good idea, for solo players on pve. Maybe the add-on sales could be used for server maintenance and upgrade.
  2. I will add that when I joined the sever, around last august, there was occasional lag. As of the turn of the year, it has slowly been increasing in frequency and duration, and has been at its worst over valentine's weekend and the following three weeks. It is still very bad, and I have also seen and heard a lot of discussion about leaving the server, due to frustration, if not also quitting the game. In August it was playable with a certain level of tolerance, but it is now far beyond that point.
  3. I usually buy animals instead of taming them. Yes, you don't need to tame anything yourself. Setting up bases for my kids, I tame 2 dodos and leave it at that, but really it isn't necessary. Then I've bought them a meat gathering carnivore (rex or argent in a starting area is just fine), and they move on from there.
  4. There are often more experienced players on who can direct you to build sites on pve if you ask. Some will even help you get there. If you haven't played with others before, I don't recommend pvp. I almost never use a campfire; I eat berries or eggs from tame dodos to start, and use [tab] "gamma 4" to make it light enough to see. The campfires seem only to attract raptors, even indoors, so when I have a wood house I put them on the second floor (as well as my bed).
  5. I have been looking for somewhere to get an answer to this problem. I play on PC, on 4 servers. I have an older machine, and I have been playing for 1 year before official release. I normally have to make several attempts to log into a server, getting messages such as "host server timeout" and about 1 in 10 "join failed". It takes 1-3 login attempts to successfully load a server, which is fine. Since the patch the weekend before valentine's day, I have had the most atrocious time logging into my main Island server. It can take me 5 hours of constant login attempts, and I will still not get into the server. I only play on official servers, and it is only this server out of all 4 that I play on that has this problem. Attempting to repair files doesn't really help, and there are always 2 files reacquired. I can play fine on other servers without repair. (I don't know what the files are, or how to find out) Since this is a problem that started *before* the Homestead update, I do not think that is a cause. Also, for the entire friday through tuesday covering St. Patrick's day, I did not have this problem. It occurs whether there are 5 people on the server or 15. (Average survivors online when I play is 5-9.) Is there a way to get this looked into? Are there other things I could be trying?
  6. I've been having trouble since friday night, 8 Feb 2019. Now it takes 1-3 hours, at 8 minutes to connect, 3 minutes to drop the connection before it can be fully loaded in, rinse and repeat, before I can get a solid connection. My tribemates just posted at 11:43am (PDT) (via discord) that once logged out to join another server, they cannot get back to the first server.
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