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  1. Hi, it's me again, so I decided to try it again this time in pc and over there it works as expected doing max of 1,5% bleed, so no its not a feature changed from the game, this is a glitch most likely, if any mod or dev sees this post please take it in mind and fix it, for it is the bleed damage that makes deinonychus special not only in boss fights but in both PVE and PVP. And if possible actually increase its bleed damage to 2% or 2.5% since thylas and carnos have 5%.
  2. Also may I add, that even against titans the bleed damage doesn't even reach the 1% that deinos are supposed to, I also tested against the overseer and its the same result, not even 1% against its normal form, the king titan doesn't get any bleed at all and I could understand that part but the rest is abnormal. On occasion the bleed damage proc jumps back to 1,6%ish but is on rare occasions of spamming attack button.
  3. Has anyone on ps4 noticed how the deinonychus bleed damage is below 1% even stacked? Hear me out. I was playing in single player to test the deinonychus pack buffs and bleed damage to get an idea on how much I'd deal in official servers since I got mutated deinos, as I was spawning them in I also spawned some target creatures, the few first creatures I tested the deinos on where rexes, paracers and brontos, at first I didn't see anything wrong since I knew those targets wouldn't take much bleed damage, then I tried with alpha rexes and gigas and titanos and that's when I saw the numbers d
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