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  1. Hello All, As the title states, I am looking for opinions on what is the "best" most "optimal" dino to use in The Center due to it's shallow waters. I wanted to say Tuso but unfortunately it can be stuck easily due to its size and lack of water depth. I am curious to know your thoughts and hope everyone has a great day/evening! Thanks.
  2. Hello All, First of all, I LOVE The Center map but upon looking at the rewards that bosses yield it seems rather low in comparison to Rag or even the Island bosses. With that being said I have a few questions: 1. How hard is it to kill both bosses with the 807 Rex army + Yuty, if I was to do it solo? 2. Is it worth doing and redoing the bosses on this map for element? 3. Should I reconsider and go to extinction just like everyone else is and farm element veins? My plan is to be able to craft Tek stuff but without having to transfer so many materials from one map to the other. Thank you for time and have a great day!
  3. So only aberrant Dino's are able to transfer into aberration?
  4. This is very interesting. Since I play on official I haven't been able to experience the Titans anywhere else besides Extinction.
  5. Myxomatic

    Reaper King

    This post gave me a lot of insight on the reaper and ita utility. Thank you for the amazing answers everyone!
  6. I honestly see both sides. Usually when a person pillars a place (or at least me) is because I want to secure the spot. However, I don't just leave it unoccupied but instead work my butt off to do what I imagined the place would look like. Shortly after the place is up and running. With that being said, I can and have little tolerance for people that just want to save space and not use it. Unfortunately, there isn't a real way to counter this so it will continue happening as long as the person keeps logging in to reset it.
  7. As a new player I guess it won't make much difference but I can see how it may impact other players that have spent countless amount of hours acquiring what they currently have.
  8. I would agree with the OP. The game freezes every so often and even though I have been able to work around it, I consider it to be an annoyance when I am not cognizant of the timer. I have lost 2 Managarmrs by simply jumping and lagging right after I jumped. The Managarmrs flew up across the ceiling of the map and I immediately died. Submitted a ticket about 3 weeks ago and still waiting for a response from the Devs. This autosave really kills the gameplay...
  9. I would have to agree but at the same time it depends on what you plan on using him/her for. For example, I LOVE Ice Verns when killing Alpha Raptors, Carnos, or Rexes because it slows them down and they can barely hit you since you essentially knock them back a little. However, if you are looking for raw damage lighting is the best imo.
  10. I saw this video from a good Youtuber and thought it was well put together. There are also other videos but I though this one kind of went into details with what he did. Good luck!
  11. I am actually on the same page. I've lost 3 Dino's due to glitch or simple human error. Submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten a human response. It's sad to know that it takes sooooooo long to simply respond back to the tickets. At one of my previous job we were getting over 200 tickets a day and we only had 4 people working on them (smaller company). It was not acceptable to answer a ticket later than 48-72hrs because customer service is what keeps a business moving forward. Anyways, prepare for a long wait time and good luck with their response.
  12. That is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you!
  13. I actually gathered a lot of wood, thatch and fiber so that I can start building my first wooden Dino pen, hatchery and breeding pen. I'm so excited about it and have been doing research on the "best" type for our place. Hope everyone has an amazing day and happy building/taming/killing!
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