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  1. Do you think they'd be more likely add updates if the Switch "Pro" came out?
  2. I agree lol, I think it's great for new players too. It allows them to have more confidence in being able to progress in the game without a bunch of experienced players to kill them immediately.
  3. Don't lose hope just yet on the DLCs, it's been what? two, three months since release? Give them some more time to figure out how they can implement more stuff on the Switch version. The fact of the matter is not the game itself, but the console in which they had to port it to. Ark is a game that can only be played well on a powerful machine like a computer, and yet it still has trouble due to not being able to be used on a strong enough machine. I say we're lucky to even see the game on the Switch, I mean come on, were people really expecting it to look like how it does on the PS4 or PC? Unfortunately that's just unrealistic. In short, save the money and use it to buy the game on another console, and then wait to see what kind of improvements the Switch version gets in the next year.
  4. Hard to say if it'll come at all. I think we'll have to wait until later this year to see what they improve on the Switch before then.
  5. I mean of course, but I'm not saying it as an excuse, I just understand that not all game developers have access to the same tools used to combat things like cheaters/hackers. Either they don't have the tools, time, skill, or care to fix issues like that, or all of the above. I'm just tired of seeing people say "These devs don't care about ARK."
  6. It hasn't even been 2 months since release, be patient. Obviously it's going to take a while, especially now that they've just added another console for ARK.
  7. Oh my...that poor thing. She does look festive though. I think Chara would be cute. She looks like a character after all.
  8. Today I just went out to farm and stock up on meat for my dinos which is something I like doing a lot, but only when I go out with my rex, Kora. Strangely enough I feel a sense of pride when she obliterates an attacking dino, like a mother feeling proud of her kids lol.
  9. We'll just have to wait and see. I mean they only released a playable version of the game on Switch a couple months ago, updates will come eventually. (At least that's what I hope) Clearly they don't have anything to say about it probably due to the fact that they are still working on it, and/or have higher priority projects at the moment.
  10. They can't exactly stop "cheaters". Its an online multiplayer game where anyone can play and hack into. It's at least not an easy thing to stop people from doing on an online server.
  11. Well lets just hope they are working on it and can update the Switch version with some serious fixes.
  12. To be honest, I think they do. Obviously they worked to get the game on the Switch in the first place because they wanted to expand their audience, which would then make them more money. That being said, after the release of the game and seeing how much negative feedback they'd been receiving it would only make sense for them to continue working on fixing issues on the Switch version, even though it'll obviously take time due to how much they have to minimalize for the game to even work properly on the Switch. In the end they want the Switch version to be as successful as they can make it so their efforts won't be in vain. Of course it won't be exceptional at first, but they were able to port a version of the base game over to a console that made the task seem impossible to even think about. So I do think they care about it, it's just people are way too quick to judge, and we need to be patient to see what they have for the future of Ark on the Switch. Who knows, maybe they aren't even ABLE to fix and update the game due to the lack of support/funds they've been getting for the Switch version. At least not for now. All we can do is at LEAST provide a tiny bit of support for them in hopes that they'll be able to improve what they've been able to achieve so far. I mean I don't see anyone else porting over HUGE, seemingly unrealistic games to the Switch so new players can enjoy it. On the Switch, this is the only game of its kind and some people are enjoying it for what it is.
  13. I'm pretty excited for these new additions, I always wished things like this would be implemented originally but at least it's in the works now. On another note, I think it's safe to say S+ won't be added to the Switch version, right? It's disappointing how much Switch users are missing out on.
  14. I agree, it's probably better that way when you're playing on a server. I mean of course there wouldn't be any cross-play between other consoles to the Switch since the Switch has nothing but the Island map, but it'd be nice on a personal server with a friend.
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