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  1. True. But nonetheless I still regret wasting the money on ARK Switch.
  2. Tohru

    crossplay? Nintendo Switch crossplay?

    I agree lol, I think it's great for new players too. It allows them to have more confidence in being able to progress in the game without a bunch of experienced players to kill them immediately.
  3. Tohru

    What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

    Ahh such a tough pick since I love so many...hm. I have to say the Rex since I have always had one rex named Kora who keeps me safe from everything lol. They have good stats so I think it's the best dino for me.
  4. Tohru

    When will the DLC be released?

    Don't lose hope just yet on the DLCs, it's been what? two, three months since release? Give them some more time to figure out how they can implement more stuff on the Switch version. The fact of the matter is not the game itself, but the console in which they had to port it to. Ark is a game that can only be played well on a powerful machine like a computer, and yet it still has trouble due to not being able to be used on a strong enough machine. I say we're lucky to even see the game on the Switch, I mean come on, were people really expecting it to look like how it does on the PS4 or PC? Unfortunately that's just unrealistic. In short, save the money and use it to buy the game on another console, and then wait to see what kind of improvements the Switch version gets in the next year.
  5. Tohru

    Terrible Port and Product

    I completely agree. I hope they continue to work to improve it so it can play better in the future.
  6. Tohru

    Console patch

    Hard to say if it'll come at all. I think we'll have to wait until later this year to see what they improve on the Switch before then.
  7. Tohru

    Terrible Port and Product

    I mean that's completely true, but the gameplay itself is still "solid". It's just an advertisement to Switch users who've never played ARK. Shame on WC for falsely showing better quality footage than what you'd see, but I guess Switch users who've never seen ARK on other consoles wouldn't know any difference. I'm not making any excuses for WC, I'm just saying it's at least worth waiting to see what improvements they have for the Switch version (in the future obviously). It may have been released in the most crappiest form ever, but at least it's something. You can definitely still get hundreds of hours of gameplay on it.
  8. Tohru

    Terrible Port and Product

    To be honest, its completely a waste of money on the Switch. It'd only be worth it to buy it for the PC or Ps4. At least then you have The Center and Ragnarok maps. Not to mention the option of the DLCs.
  9. Tohru

    Terrible Port and Product

    It is a terrible port but they did have to significantly minimize the game to even be able to port it to the Switch. I have faith that eventually in time they'll work to improve the quality, especially since they've realized it didn't get the most positive feedback they were hoping for.
  10. Tohru

    Unofficial servers

    You think it could just be that it isn't implemented yet? I mean they obviously had to minimize the game to even be able to put it on the Switch.
  11. I mean of course, but I'm not saying it as an excuse, I just understand that not all game developers have access to the same tools used to combat things like cheaters/hackers. Either they don't have the tools, time, skill, or care to fix issues like that, or all of the above. I'm just tired of seeing people say "These devs don't care about ARK."
  12. It hasn't even been 2 months since release, be patient. Obviously it's going to take a while, especially now that they've just added another console for ARK.
  13. Tohru

    Unofficial servers

    Come to think of it, I haven't noticed any at all.
  14. So I've been gathering artifacts/trophies to put in the tek terminal and some of them aren't registering at all. As if the item isn't even in the terminal. I've tried getting multiples of the same item and it still doesn't register, meaning I literally am unable to use the tek terminal even with all items. I mean, SOME items are registering so it's not like I'm doing anything wrong... Is anyone else having this problem?