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  1. In pvp its okay. U have to live with the threat, bc u can defend u against ppl. But on pve can someone lure dinos the hole day to your base and u cant Go out and shut this guy to hell. 90% of pve ppl r peaceful, they like to Build, trade and breed and only 10% r trolls which r too Bad for real pvp and they come to pve server for annoy ppl. If the Game is like u say, there should be only one Mode, pvp. But it is not so and bc of this there r needed two different set ups so everyone can enjoy the game. It is a joke when the pvp related issues r fixed in short time, like mana owl and affect on pve but pve related will never heard by wc. @Garyo86 i have no problem if I get killed by a meteor or osd or corrupted, this is the game. But it’s not okay be kited by someone and it’s not possible to kill such trolls. If u like be kited the hole day play pvp and get whipped every day, this your choose not my. @brownievec i have Defence, tek turrets velos plants and I say u against a corrupted giga they do nothing. The only way is to place everywhere gigas but I am not the rich boy with hundred gigas or place fake walls but I saw ppl lure corrupted rock drakes through walls. I will protect my base with fake walls and in future with more gigas if I get more.
  2. I think so too. The game is more for pvp balanced then for pve.
  3. When will wc do something against the kiter on pve? I play extinction since the beginning and see it change Not much with this problem. It Goes little bit bifficult to lure normal corrupted dinos since the beginning, but to lure a corrupted giga is so easy it never changed. Can you make corrupted like reaper, if they are in the wasteland they have full power but if they Go into the building areas they become weaker because losing effect of element on them and not able to destroy metal structures? I reported some kiters but never see they get his punishment. I know, the privatecy, but it is Not so if you Tell us the real name and adress of them so can you make a clip if you punish them? If everyone see what happen this would scare off ppl or you dont want bc it nothing happen? It is a joke if a kiter lose a fake character and a victim a whole base and work of month. So wipe there tribes, if it hurts they think twice before doing poop. Or make bags of destroyed storage containers not lootable or at least dinos in stolen crypods cant change the ownership and Not able to transfer. Why should be a box lootable after destroying on pve except it was auto decay? This my thoughts, at the moment im done with ark.
  4. Clausus

    Too many rollbacks

    Too many rollbacks Yesterday i imprinted some dinos and crypoded my babys and Go off. Today i login and no dino was crypoded all stay around and the dinos get no imprint. Today befor i travelled to an other server i made a vein. I put all my stuff away so i go naked to the server. After a Hour i come back and Look for my gear, nothing there. I look for my wyvern, Not there. I remember that i done the vein. Go to the location and see, there is my wyvern also a bag with my gear on the ground. Why cant wildcard say, if they make maintenance. Take the network down for some hours, make you work and bring it back. So no one need to lost his stuff due to loading backups
  5. Mating dont work
  6. Clausus

    Mantis and weapons

    Mantis can no longer equipped with weapons or tools.
  7. After defeating King Titan i respown with a level 1 char. Now i restart Game and my old char can downloaded. The problem is after Download is the trophy everytime gone.
  8. This can only solved with a suicide or killing by a mate. Pls fix
  9. I imprinted 4 gigas now. There was every time a +3% Animation, but After looking into dino inventar i notice they get only +2% imprint.
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