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  1. s0ul

    IMPRINTED by: "Person" bug

    hi all, just for information, the last small patch (v292.103) brought the rider bonus back.
  2. s0ul

    IMPRINTED by: "Person" bug

    I really hope wildcard will not answer like this. Lol.
  3. s0ul

    IMPRINTED by: "Person" bug

    Its official-pve-extinction server. And yes iam sure the rider imprint bonus has gone. And this creatures are not transfered. Its a definitly a bug. Since Valentinesupdate....and more and more people have the same problem now aswell.
  4. s0ul

    IMPRINTED by: "Person" bug

    yes official pve-new-extinction
  5. s0ul

    IMPRINTED by: "Person" bug

    The extra funny thing is... its the first time i bred gigas and high level rexes and now they are "worthless".
  6. s0ul

    IMPRINTED by: "Person" bug

    On this picture you can see, its juvenile, has an imprint timer AND...."tamed by" not imprinted by
  7. Hi, every single dino, which was baby/juv/ado before valentines update now lost with the update the "Imprinted by status". I even have tested it with now full raised dinos, they have no imprinted rider bonus. Someone else has this problem? What can i do now? Please help me, never had such a big issue
  8. I wish there comes a x2 breeding event
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